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Making eLearning Accessible


Making eLearning Accessible

by ELB Learning (Formerly eLearning Brothers) / Published: Oct 20 2021

What it's about

As L&D pros, it’s our duty to ensure knowledge is accessible to everyone. The challenge? We want our eLearning to be engaging too. Download this eBook for step-by-step guidance on making eLearning accessible, WCAG checklists, problem-solving & strategies for any authoring tool. Content provided by Chrisanna (Chris) Paxton McMillin & Christine O’Malley.

Key chapters

  • What is Accessibility & Why is it Important?

  • What is WCAG & Why it is Important?

  • Best Practices for Creating Accessible Content: Lectora as an example

  • How do I make a course keyboard accessible?

  • How do users with visual impairments view visual elements within a course?

  • How and why do I need to structure headings and other text for accessibility?

  • What needs to be done to pre-recorded audio or video to make it accessible?

  • Is there anything less obvious that I should be aware of when making content accessible?

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