Maximising Microlearning: An Overview Of Short Form Learning In The Corporate Sector

by Skill Pill M-Learning

The world of workplace learning is changing. It is adjusting to the new realities of the modern workplace, where information is always a moment away, and time is a valuable commodity. In these circumstances, microlearning has emerged victorious. It meets the needs of the workplace, by providing content at the moment of application, engaging learners, and making efficient use of their time. This eBook explains the realities and benefits of microlearning in the modern workplace and how it can be applied to the advantage of any organization.

Key Chapters

  1. Engaging Today’s Workforce

    An overview of the challenges faced when attempting to engage the modern workforce with learning.

  2. The Digital Age

    A look at the new generations who inhabit the digital age. This overview focuses on the engagement of Gen Y and Gen Z in the modern workplace.

  3. Putting the Learner first

    This is a look at engaging learners on their own terms through the use of technology.

  4. Information Overload

    This chapter provides an overview of Micro v. Macro learning forms.

  5. Short-form learning in practice

    This overview explains the application of Micro-Learning and its real-world application.

  6. Small Things, Big Difference

    This chapter explains the difference between Micro-Learning and traditional long-form training.

  7. Overcoming Barriers

    This provides an explanation of certain challenges that can be faced when implementing Micro-Learning, and how to overcome them.

  8. 10 Key Design tips

    This is our own recommendation of 10 tips which we think will help any organization with the successful deployment of Micro-Learning.

  9. In Summary

    This concludes the eBook and provided a summary of all the previous discussions of Micro-Learning.

Making learning more integrated means breaking out of the classroom—ensuring people can learn with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 24/7 availability of information is crucial for empowering and motivating users as to when, where and how they consume learning.

Think about the digital trends that characterize our social and shopping habits. Learners aren’t any different. They want exactly the same things: instant access, decent bandwidth, and to move from impulse to fulfillment in minutes. Shorter content in under a second, easily consumable and always within their reach. Now that's a challenge. Or is it?

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