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Microlearning Tips For A Successful Remote Workforce Onboarding Process


Microlearning Tips For A Successful Remote Workforce Onboarding Process

by Code of Talent / Published: Nov 24 2020

What it's about

Code of Talent is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps employees turn knowing into doing through microlearning. Corporate trainers and managers can flexibly design and deliver 100% custom-built digital microlearning journeys to their teams. Get to discover all the best microlearning tips that will help you succeed in your remote workforce onboarding process stress-free.

Key chapters

  • What Is Microlearning And Why Is It A Powerful Tool For Remote Onboarding Training?

    Microlearning explained in an introduction to microlearning for remote onboarding training.
  • Onboarding Best Practices To Create Engaging Microlearning For Your Remote Workers

    You will find out the best practices in creating engaging microlearning journeys for your onboarding process.
  • How To Solve Crucial Onboarding Challenges With A Microlearning SaaS Platform

    Learn about what makes remote onboarding challenging and how a microlearning SaaS platform can help you overcome these challenges.
  • Smart New Hire Orientation Ideas To Help Remote Employees Blend Into Your Company Culture

    Find out about key tactics to ensure the success of remote employee orientation and onboarding.
  • Onboarding Remote Workers: 4 Ways To Bring Behavioral Change With Microlearning Platforms

    Here are 4 ways in which you can change employees' behavior with a microlearning platform.
  • Steps For A Faster Employee Onboarding Process With Microlearning And Data Analytics

    Why is onboarding important and how can microlearning and data analytics make the process faster?
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist To Ensure Success (For Current Employees And New Hires)

    Here is your employee onboarding checklist. You will also find a checklist for selecting a microlearning platform.
  • 4 Reasons To Opt For A Microlearning LXP When Onboarding Virtual Teams

    Find out why a microlearning LXP is a lifesaver for onboarding virtual teams.

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