12 Examples That Prove Mobile Learning And Microlearning Is An Essential Combination To Meet Your Learning Mandate

by EI Design / Published: Oct 08 2018

What it's about

This eBook, 12 Examples That Prove Mobile Learning and Microlearning Is an Essential Combination to Meet Your Learning Mandate, is designed as a guide for organizations to enhance their existing strategy by understanding Mobile Learning and Microlearning and using their combination in online trainings.

Key chapters

  • Section 1

    - Introduction to Mobile Learning and Microlearning - What is Mobile learning, and what are its key highlights?
  • Section 2

    - Impact of Combining Mobile Learning and Microlearning. - Why you should adopt the combination of Microlearning and Mobile learning? - What is the value that the combination of Microlearning and Mobile learning will deliver?
  • Section 3

    Why you should opt for Mobile learning for corporate training—5 questions answered.
  • Section 4

    Why you should adopt Microlearning—15 questions answered.
  • Section 5

    12 examples of Microlearning delivered in the Mobile learning format.

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