An L&D Manager’s Mobile Learning Guide To Leverage Personalized Content For Skills Training

by CommLab India

Mobile technology is affecting how we live, work, and learn. L&D leaders can no longer ignore mobile learning’s potential for corporate learning. Explore how you can utilize mobile learning for skills training.

Key Chapters

  1. 4 Reasons L&D Leaders Need To Take Part In The Mobile Learning Revolution

    You need to actively take part in the mobile learning revolution – for the sake of your learners and organization. Explore why and how.

  2. 5 Benefits Of Personalized Content And How To Leverage It In Your Mobile Learning Strategy

    Explore the features of personalized learning and how mobile learning can deliver personalized learning experiences.

  3. Win The L&D Bet With These 5 Mobile Learning Trends On Skills Training

    Does mobile learning work for skills training? If yes, how? Explore this and mobile learning trends for skills training.

  4. 5 Ways Mobile Learning Apps Can Help Your Workforce’s Skills Training

    Web apps? Native or hybrid? What will work? Explore the types of mobile apps and how they can be used for skills training.

  5. Mobile Learning Formula: 5 Steps To Create Effective Personalized Learning Paths

    From pre-assessments to performance support, explore a 5-step plan to create effective personalized learning paths and where mobile learning can help.

  6. Skills Training Made Easy: 3 Mobile Learning Examples And Use Cases

    Explore success stories of how top-performing organizations have used mobile learning for software training, objection-handling training, and onboarding.

  7. Mobile Learning Solutions To Overcome Challenges Of Skills Training & Maximize Training ROI

    Can mobile learning solutions overcome the challenges in skills training and maximize training ROI? Let’s find out.

Mobile devices are everywhere and today’s workforce is filled with millennials who prefer learning through YouTube videos, subreddits on Reddit, Facebook groups on their iPhones, Android smartphones, and iPads. Organizations can take advantage of this millennial ‘obsession’ with electronic gadgets by hosting courses on a mobile-friendly LMS/portal, making learning accessible on the go.

Mobile learning has had a significant effect in our daily lives, indeed. But also, it has a big impact on the way we deal with business. This is why, it is essential that L&D managers get all the necessary information about mobile learning in this amazing resource by CommLab India.

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Christopher Pappas
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