Modern Learning Business Case Workbook

by D2L

From a definition of modern learning to industry data to checklists to tips for engaging stakeholders, this workbook has useful resources to help you successfully achieve buy-in for investing in a modern learning strategy within your organization.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Get acquainted with your workbook. The workbook is full of useful resources to help you successfully achieve internal buy-in for investing in a modern learning strategy within your organization.

  2. The Challenge

    From managing the onslaught of technological change to closing the leadership gap to addressing employee expectations for learning immediacy and flexibility, learning and development leaders know that learning is now more than just a “nice to have”—it’s a central business strategy and a critical competitive differentiator.

  3. Define Modern Learning

    Driven by an explosion of online resources, new digital capabilities, and the need to quickly develop new skills to thrive in a changing world of work, today’s employees have different expectations when it comes to how they communicate, collaborate, and learn in the workplace.

  4. Understand Your Stakeholders

    In a large enterprise, gaining approval for a modern learning program can involve multiple levels in the organization and require the engagement of people in different geographies and roles. To build a successful business case for modern learning, you should develop a solid understanding of your organizational stakeholders, their different decision-making style, and the internal business dynamics and politics at play.

  5. Build Your Case

    When building your business case, make sure you align the need to invest in modern learning with your company’s strategic objectives. Start by identifying the key challenges your organization faces, and then list the key objectives that your modern learning program will support for overcoming those challenges. Then figure out how you can demonstrate the value modern workplace learning will bring to your organization.

  6. Make Your Case

    A step-by-step analysis of how to make your case.

  7. The Do Nothing Costs

    While it’s important to include the costs of a modern learning program in a business case, it shouldn't be the only element in a financial justification for an expenditure. Learning and development leaders who only include the costs of a project may find their proposal is rejected, especially in times of shrinking budgets.

  8. Corporate Learning Example

    A corporation is experiencing a high rate of employee turnover, especially among its 5,000 frontline customer support employees, who are responsible for leveraging robust product knowledge and superior soft skills in order to deliver a phenomenal customer experience.

  9. Handling Objections

    When presenting a business case to stakeholders, you must be prepared to hear the word “no.” In presenting a clear argument for your modern learning strategy, you should anticipate the concerns of your stakeholders and be prepared to address their objections.

  10. Additional Resources

    Blogs, Tips and Tricks!

Modern learning can play a crucial role in driving large scale business transformation.

This handbook is an extremely valuable tool in the hands of all L&D professionals. It will give you the entire framework that you need in order to suggest, support and maintain funding for your L&D program, while preparing you for all the difficulties you will come across.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry Inc.