Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies

by UpsideLMS

With remote working and learning becoming a norm, L&D had to reinvent itself to cater to modern learners. This eBook offers comprehensive insights on how L&D can nurture the needs of such learners while ensuring engagement.

Key Chapters

  1. Stepping Up To The Plate

    How companies zoomed to the digital transformation route

  2. Winds Of Change

    Learning function goes viral

  3. Pandemic

    A black swan moment for innovation in workplace learning

  4. A Year Into The Pandemic

    Modern Learners Are A Focal Point

  5. L&D’s New Mantra

    Upskill And Reskill Always

  6. Anytime, Anywhere, Personalized Learning

    L&D’s Role In Assisting Employees

As companies focused on accelerating their pace of digitalization, one segment that remained at the forefront of this transformation was the Learning and Development function.

This guide offers an in-depth look at how modern tech tools can help organizations move forward after the COVID crisis and empower their remote workforce.

Christopher Pappas photo

Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.