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The Perfect Balance Between Microlearning And Gamification


The Perfect Balance Between Microlearning And Gamification

by CommLab India / Published: Jul 29 2020

What it's about

Why is microlearning important for today’s learners? Why should training managers care? Where does gamification fit? How does this combination work? This eBook has the answers.

Key chapters

  • 4 Reasons To Include Microlearning In Your Learning Strategy

    Understand what microlearning is, its different formats, and 4 reasons training managers can't afford to miss it.
  • Why Gamification For Engagement In Corporate Training

    When Microlearning meets Gamification. Decode gamification and 5 reasons for its indisputable effect on learner engagement.
  • Gamification With Microlearning: 7 Steps To Deliver Top-Notch eLearning Content

    Explore 7 steps to make the combination work, from focusing on performance to including realistic scenarios and feedback.
  • 6 Microlearning Best Practices To Use With Gamification

    Explore 6 best practices based on microlearning characteristics to get the best results from gamification.
  • 3 Examples Of Leveraging Gamified Learning With Microlearning

    Explore roadmaps to use the combination in 3 popular training programs—onboarding, sales & product, and compliance.
  • 5 Ways Gamification Maximizes The ROI Of Your Microlearning Strategy

    Discover simple, quick ways to improve ROI along with beating the forgetting curve, building a learning culture, and more.
  • Design Microlearning Solutions By Leveraging Rapid eLearning

    Let microlearning design take a leaf from rapid eLearning. Explore how to start designing small nuggets for maximum, rapid impact.

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