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Transitioning To Effective
 Online Learning: The Playbook


Transitioning To Effective
 Online Learning: The Playbook

by / Published: Mar 19 2021

What it's about

The need for remote learning has exploded, but are you fully engaging your students through the screen? Learn the top ways that you can provide your students with the most effective online learning possible—without breaking the bank.

Key chapters

  • Chapter 1: Take A Unified Approach to Technology

    Discover the importance of learning tech and how you can leverage it in your organization.
  • Chapter 2: Balance Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning

    Find out how to create a holistic learning experience that delivers the best of both worlds.
  • Chapter 3: Capitalize on Hybrid Learning Opportunities

    Which activities should you consider for your hybrid learning strategy? This chapter features questions to help you find the best approach.
  • Chapter 4: Foster Connections with Students in a Virtual Space

    From virtual office hours to video-based learning, let's look at ways to build a meaningful connection with online learners.
  • Chapter 5: Accessible Course Materials

    Captions and transcriptions can help you develop accessible learning resources to improve knowledge retention and comprehension.

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