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5 Popular Types Of Learning To Build In VR - And Why They Work!


5 Popular Types Of Learning To Build In VR - And Why They Work!

by eLearning Brothers / Published: May 06 2021

What it's about

Download this eBook to see examples of how immersive learning gets better results than traditional eLearning. Find out how virtual reality can actually save you money! Explore the 5 types of learning to build in VR and why they're so successful!

Key chapters

  • Introduction to VR Training

    Virtual reality technology has opened new worlds of possibilities for training our workforce. With immersive learning, you can put your employees in any location or situation that would be difficult or expensive to simulate in a real-world environment.
  • Equipment Training in VR

    When your employees need hands-on training with equipment or processes but face office closures, space limitations, health risks, and other challenges, VR can often replicate the experience just as effectively.
  • Safety Courses in VR

    The stakes are high when it comes to workplace safety, anti-terrorism training, and threat identification. These situations are also difficult to realistically replicate for training purposes. Find out why immersive learning works.
  • Virtual Events in VR - Almost in Person

    Until recently, the adoption of remote technology for events was slow. After all, the in-person engagement and activities are what make an event special, right? VR is making a difference.
  • End-User & Customer Education in VR

    Software tools, surgical devices, and even board games commonly require training or customer education. Over the years, training has evolved from lengthy user manuals to online videos. But now, fully immersive experiences work even better.
  • Site Tours in VR

    If you were planning to send employees to visit a lab, factory, construction site, or conference, COVID-19 likely shut those plans down. With VR, you can send employees and customers anywhere. Plus, VR makes great sales collateral.

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