Become an eLearning Champion, A Practical Guide For eLearning Implementation - Preview

by CommLab India

This is a preview of the book "Become an eLearning Champion, A Practical Guide For eLearning Implementation", which contains everything you need to know to bring technology and learning together and forge an extremely potent weapon to help you achieve business results in your organization.

Key Chapters

  1. Business Goals And Training

    Find out how to set your performance goals and learning objectives, and how training is going to help you achieve them.

  2. Business Goals And Learning Interventions

    Understand the elements and principles of effective learning, its formats, and how blended learning works.

  3. Introducing eLearning

    Reasons, considerations and recent trends.

  4. eLearning Design And Development

    Understand the entire process of eLearning Design & Development .

  5. Authoring Tools

    What are the most popular, and how to choose the right one for you.

  6. Learning Management Systems

    Everything you need to find and use the right one for you.

  7. Evaluating Training Effectiveness

    How technology impacts evaluating training and why is measuring effectiveness so challenging.

  8. Your Organization & eLearning

    How to introduce and promote eLearning in your company.

Τhis book will be of great help in your quest to excel as a training manager

I strongly recommend “Become an eLearning Champion: A Practical Guide For eLearning Implementation” by R.K. Prasad, MBA, (Ph.D.) of CommLab India to all the learning professionals out there. The early parts are exceptionally friendly to newcomers in the field of eLearning, as the explanation of the design and development process and the relevant business framework get across in a well-written, clear, and concise manner. The book also offers an introduction to a few of the most popular authoring tools, a presentation of LMSs, and an overview of the keynotes of evaluating training effectiveness. It ends with insightful advice on how to introduce, promote, and maintain the eLearning culture that your company deserves.

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