Quantifying The Value Of Customer Training

by Strigo

Customer training has a significant influence on customer success, customer retention, and product usage. We'll help you target the key metrics that your organization’s execs are tracking in order to show the influence and ROI of training.

Key Chapters

  1. Net Promoter Score & Customer Satisfaction Score

    Using a single-question customer survey to see how customer training drives customer satisfaction

  2. Customer Health Score

    Scoring & measuring customer behaviors to determine the influence of customer training

  3. Product Usage

    What your products' metrics say about your customers, and how this can be influenced by customer training

  4. Annual Recurring Revenue

    What sales & renewals say about your customers, and how customer training can drive an increase

  5. Customer Education ROI Worksheets

    Use these automated worksheets to calculate the ROI of customer training on your organization

Show your executives the impact of customer training on your company’s performance, and you’ll have champions in the boardroom to help drive your training agenda.

Big Data can help you maximize customer retention and boost brand loyalty. This eBook can help you make the most of metrics, such as NPS and Health Scores, to show the far-reaching benefits of customer training on your bottom line.

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Christopher Pappas
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