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Unveiling Rapid eLearning Design And Development – A Guide For Corporate Training Managers


Unveiling Rapid eLearning Design And Development – A Guide For Corporate Training Managers

by CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions / Published: May 04 2021

What it's about

Rapid eLearning is a faster, leaner avatar of custom eLearning. It doesn’t compromise on creativity nor is it publishing PowerPoint decks with an authoring tool. Explore what rapid learning development is, how it supports blended learning, and so much more in this ultimate guide.

Key chapters

  • What Rapid eLearning is and What it’s NOT

    Get done with the confusion, conflicting opinions, and contradictory views. Get a clear idea of how rapid eLearning saves time without churning out monotonous courses. Explore the secrets behind its success and popularity.
  • Aligning Rapid eLearning Development to Business Goals

    Rapid eLearning is a mainstream training strategy that’s aligned with business goals and corporate strategy. Get insights on how it’s done and the 3 main pillars that drive alignment.
  • Racing Against the Clock to Create a Course ‘Fast’ for Blended Learning

    This chapter will you give insights into how rapid eLearning supports blended learning and the different formats it accommodates. Also understand the importance of prototyping.
  • 6 Amazing Instructional Design Strategies for Rapid eLearning

    Take a look at 6 popular ID strategies rapid eLearning supports. Rooted in ID principles and leveraging authoring tools, these strategies are easy to use – for different training types for different learner demographics.
  • Rapid eLearning Time-Savers: 3+2 Effective Collaboration Tips to Get SME Buy-In

    The only way to get SMEs on the digital training wagon and earn their approval is to acknowledge their importance, appreciate their contribution to training, and most importantly, avoid wasting their time. And there is no better way than rapid eLearning to do this.
  • The HUGE Role of Authoring Tools in Rapid eLearning Development

    Authoring tools provide the technological prowess to enable rapid eLearning development. Explore what they bring to the table, types of authoring tools, and how you should pick the best one for your training needs.
  • L&D Innovations: 3 Training Topics Managers Can Leverage Rapid eLearning For

    While rapid eLearning works well for all training types that can use online training, it has proven its efficacy for onboarding, product & sales training, and compliance training. Explore why.
  • Rapid eLearning Case Studies: 3 Success Stories to Inspire L&D Managers in EVERY Industry

    Get exclusive insights into 3 success stories with rapid eLearning! And explore the 4 Rs of rapid eLearning design and development.

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