Rapid eLearning Design For Quick Rollout

by CommLab India

This eBook has the best practices to help organizations get the best mileage from rapid eLearning. It talks from the perspective of instructional designers and SMEs, not just authoring tools.

Key Chapters

  1. Understanding the IDs’ World

  2. Best Practice 1: Seeing the Big Picture – The Business Context

  3. Best Practice 2: Working Efficiently with SMEs

  4. Best Practice 3: Engaging Learners through Design Strategies

  5. Best Practice 4: Working with the Right Authoring Tools

  6. Best Practice 5: Standardizing and Scaling Up

  7. Key Takeaways

The quickest way to cut down the time for reviews is by sending the SME an online Review link. This also ensures that if there are multiple SMEs for a project, all the feedback is captured in one place, making it easier to implement it and resolve contradictions or inconsistencies in feedback if any.

Instructional Design is faced with a lot of challenges that are really hard to explain to anyone outside this demanding profession. By employing the techniques found in this eBook, any professional will be able to deal with some of the most common issues encountered in this industry in the most effective and fast way.

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Christopher Pappas
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