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Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D


Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D

by CommLab India / Published: Mar 13 2023

What it's about

Rapid eLearning is built on the bedrock of instructional design and adult learning principles. Have you ever wondered how the use of rapid eLearning significantly impacts business results? Get answers to all your questions about rapid eLearning!

Key chapters

  • Training @ The Speed of Business with Rapid eLearning

    In today's workplace, there is a need for quick, relevant training programs across industry verticals due to events such as the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, the looming recession, and the need to support internal mobility. Organizations can compromise neither on time nor on quality – making rapid eLearning a must-have and not an option.
  • The Great Shift In L&D and Rapid eLearning

    L&D units are being called on to demonstrate the value of learning and develop a whole new range of skill sets to move away from mere order-taking to becoming consultative partners. In this scenario, rapid eLearning, with its holistic training solutions, is their best bet.
  • Rapid eLearning – The True Picture

    Get done with the confusion, conflicting opinions, and contradictory views. Get a clear idea of how rapid eLearning saves time without churning out monotonous courses. Explore the secrets behind its success and popularity.
  • Rapid eLearning Services and Outsourcing – Go À La Carte

    This chapter discusses the essentials of rapid eLearning services organizations can avail and their flexibility in outsourcing rapid eLearning initiatives.
  • Rapid eLearning and New-Age Training Programs

    This chapter will cover rapid eLearning examples and a range of online training formats that makes rapid eLearning a reality.
  • The High-Octane Fuel of Rapid eLearning – Authoring Tools

    This chapter will discuss how rapid eLearning helps roll out training programs at speed, without compromising on quality – by leveraging rapid eLearning authoring tools, AI Tools, and rapid learning software.
  • The Rapid eLearning Implementation Toolkit

    This chapter will equip L&D pros to make a winning business case for rapid eLearning implementation to the C-Suite and Stakeholders.
  • Rapid eLearning Accelerators

    Rapid eLearning gives corporates a great deal of flexibility in the quantum of work they can opt for. And the icing on the cake for organizations looking to do a majority of the work in-house is the support extended by rapid eLearning to internal teams through rapid eLearning accelerators such as plug-and-play templates, checklists and cheat sheets, and templates.
  • Rapid eLearning and Business Results

    Get exclusive insights into 3 success stories with rapid eLearning! This chapter details three success stories to inspire L&D managers in EVERY industry!

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