Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning

by CommLab India

Rapid eLearning is redefining corporate training by making it quick and easy to incorporate modern learning strategies and technologies such as microlearning, gamification, and VR. Explore rapid eLearning.

Key Chapters

  1. Why Rapid eLearning?

    Take a look at 6 reasons why you shouldn't ignore rapid eLearning in your training strategy.

  2. Challenges In Adoption And Solutions

    Explore solutions to 8 rapid eLearning challenges no one will tell you about.

  3. Blended Learning For Rapid Development

    Explore smart tips to reduce training cost and accelerate development with blended learning.

  4. Microlearning Assets And Rapid eLearning

    Explore how microlearning helps build a learning culture and the role of rapid eLearning.

  5. Authoring Tools For Rapid VR Solutions

    Explore how rapid eLearning is making the development of VR-based online learning quick and easy.

  6. Save SME Time With Rapid eLearning

    Discover tips and tricks to reduce SME time spent in course reviews thanks to rapid eLearning.

  7. Rapid eLearning And Gamification

    Authoring tools are making gamification a quick and hassle-free affair. Explore more.

  8. Flash To HTML5 Conversion With Authoring Tools

    Explore 4 Flash to HTML5 conversion strategies and how popular rapid authoring tools help.

  9. Rapid eLearning Business Case

    Make a convincing business case for rapid eLearning and gain approval by building it on the lines described.

What rapid eLearning does is provide sound Instructional Design without the fancy frills. It ensures an active learning culture by quickly converting lengthy content to short nuggets, preventing information overload. Rapid eLearning has another advantage compared to traditional formats of learning in that it uses very little of SMEs' time.

Claiming to be able to redefine corporate training is a very bold statement. But rapid eLearning does have that power. This eBook is written by some very experienced L&D professionals, and provides solutions to realistic, day-to-day problems. CommLab India does an excellent job of explaining the theory and providing actual examples.

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