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Reimagining DEI Training For The Hybrid Workplace


Reimagining DEI Training For The Hybrid Workplace

by EI Design / Published: Jun 09 2022

What it's about

Create an equitable and inclusive workforce even in the hybrid workplace. Learn how to shift mindsets, overcome biases, and drive behavior change by leveraging a Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach for DEI training.

Key chapters

  • What Are the Challenges of Traditional DEI Training Programs?

    Training a hybrid workforce on the subtleties of diversity, equity, and inclusion can be challenging. Conventional DEI training strategies are not effective in creating the desired change in mindset and behavior required to create an inclusive workplace. This section outlines the two key challenges organizations face while delivering DEI training.
  • Why Must You Reimagine Your DEI Training Programs Now?

    Given the extent of the uniqueness of DEI, off-the-shelf learning might not address the training needs of every organization. In this section, we explain why there is a need to re-evaluate DEI training now and review the top outcomes of DEI training strategies.
  • How Do You Leverage a Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based Approach for DEI Training?

    Successful DEI training requires a proven architecture around which its design rests. With learners at its center, L&D program designers should create a multitude of channels and platforms to facilitate continuous, performance-focused learning programs. This section showcases how you can leverage a Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach for DEI Training.
  • What Strategies Should You Adopt for Delivering Effective DEI Training Programs?

    L&D teams should move away from offering a single-styled DEI initiative. They need to infuse an amalgamation of DEI training strategies that form a comprehensive package to bring about the requisite change in their learners and meet the business mandate. This section highlights immersive learning strategies you can implement to reinforce learning in your DEI training programs.
  • Why Does Psychological Safety Matter in the Workplace Now, and How Does It Improve DEI?

    Psychological safety in the workplace is a significant factor in determining the likely success of a team. This section outlines strategies that will help you create psychological safety in the workplace and also, in turn, enhance your diversity, equity, and inclusion mandate.

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