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Rethink Training With Virtual Reality And Games


Rethink Training With Virtual Reality And Games

by ELB Learning / Published: Mar 16 2023

What it's about

Did you know that immersive learning has been proven to deliver better business results with more speed and precision? From upskilling to safety training, these real-world use cases demonstrate how games and VR make ordinary eLearning extraordinary.

Key chapters

  • Why Virtual Reality?

    PwC compared VR training on soft skills to both traditional eLearning and classroom learning, and the results are compelling.
  • What Has Slowed the Investment in Immersive Training?

    Many myths are still being proven wrong.
  • Real World Examples of VR Training

    Many industries, including transportation, healthcare, retail, and more are getting better results.
  • Healthcare & Manufacturing Courses in VR

    View immersive training for each course!
  • Games & Game-Based Learning

    Games are culturally relevant. According to the ESA, in 2020 68% of American adults play video games.
  • Why Gamification?

    Being competitive and collaborative while sharing success with the community impacts us emotionally.
  • Including Gamified Learning in the Workplace

    Game themes that connect with learners’ personalities have been proven to achieve desired training outcomes.
  • Examples of Games & Game-Based Learning

    Leading brands like Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, L’Oreal, IHS Towers, and more have used games to conquer learning challenges.

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