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Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation


Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation

by iTacit / Published: Dec 22 2021

What it's about

For front-line and remote staff, intelligent, digital workforce tools make their shifts more fulfilling and productive. They benefit from technology at every point in their day. Preparing employees for the jobs of tomorrow is key to helping staff stay motivated to learn and eager to contribute. Let's light the spark!

Key chapters

  • Why There’s No Time Like The Present To Launch A Digital Workplace Transformation

  • How To Cultivate A Remote Workforce Community & Boost Team Engagement

  • 5 Common Challenges Your Front-Line Employees Face (And How To Address Them With Single-Pane Of Glass Tech)

  • Bridge The L&D Divide: Tips To Upskill, Reskill, And Fill Knowledge Gaps With The Right Tech

  • Front-Line Support: How To Create A Hub That Combines Digital Workforce Tools With L&D

  • From Pre-Boarding To Off-Boarding: A People-First Approach For Every Stage Of The Employee Journey

  • 7 Front-Line Activities To Include In Your Digital Workforce Development Program

  • Work Smarter & Safer: 7 Steps To Enhance The Learner Experience With A Single Solution

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