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The ROI Of Game-Based Training


The ROI Of Game-Based Training

by eLearning Brothers / Published: Feb 24 2022

What it's about

Interested in dramatically improving the effectiveness of your training? This eBook explores how game-based learning and gamification strategies can accelerate learning, improve retention rates, and maximize the return on your training investment.

Key chapters

  • Bring Fun to the Office: The Benefits of Game-Based Learning

    Game-based learning can add the fun and levity needed to uplift an anxious, stressed workforce that is often working remotely.
  • Games Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    Organizations need training strategies that bring in-office and remote employees together and make them more productive team members.
  • Virtual Onboarding: Engaging Remote Workers

    With 97% of employees open to remote onboarding, companies need to develop a more engaging and immersive virtual training experience.
  • The 4 Best Practices of Virtual Onboarding

    Virtual onboarding best practices ensure employees are not only set up for success but also feel a part of the team culture.
  • How IT Cosmetics Gamified Its Training

    Shannon Pirie Charles, Group VP of Education, wanted to create an interactive training program as engaging as Instagram and as addictive as Candy Crush.
  • The Development Process & Lessons Learned

    Some software platforms are specifically built for gamification strategies, making development easier.

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