The Ultimate Course Builders’ Guide: How To Plan, Design, And Monetize Your Online Course

by Thinkific

Everything you need to know to build a business and generate revenue creating and selling knowledge products.

Key Chapters

  1. Understanding Edupreneurship: How To Build A Knowledge Commerce Empire

    We'll explore the top benefits of creating your own online courses and case studies of real-life Edupreneurs.

  2. Secrets To Plan Your Online Course And Identify Your Area Of Expertise

    We’ll take a look at how to plan your online course and identify your area of expertise so you can make sure your course makes an impact.

  3. Proven Instructional Design Strategies Every Course Builder Should Know

    We'll explore everything you need to know about using instructional design strategies and the top 3 instructional design theories for online course creators.

  4. Mastering Learning Experience Design: Tips To Engage And Inspire Your Audience

    Here are the top tips on how to create a user-friendly course that will keep your students engaged and upbeat.

  5. How To Cultivate And Manage A Thriving Online Learning Community

    We’ll dive into the why and the how of building an online learning community as well as best practice guidelines to create an inclusive and thriving environment.

  6. Turning Passion Into Profit: Monetization Pricing Strategies And Parallel Revenue Streams

    Find out how to price your course, how to avoid common pricing mistakes, and additional income streams you might want to explore.

  7. From Launches To Lead Gen: Course Marketing & Selling Essentials Every Tenant Should Know

    Find out how to launch your online course and grow your audience, as well as the basics behind lead generation and lead nurturing.

  8. Growing From A Single Course To An Academy: Feedback Loops And Beyond

    Scaling your business from a single course to an academy takes planning - here’s exactly how to grow your business and keep improving your course offering.

Any entrepreneur or established business can use education as a tool for growth.

This all-in-one guide covers all of the essentials, from ID methodologies to marketing strategies. You'll learn how to create engaging courses that establish thought leadership and create a revenue stream.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.