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The Ultimate Staffing Guide For Leaders


The Ultimate Staffing Guide For Leaders

by ELB Learning / Published: Jun 07 2023

What it's about

Discover how staff augmentation and outsourcing are ideal strategies during this period of hiring freeze, slashed budgets, and quiet-quitting. This playbook on L&D staff augmentation is a must-have for every learning organization.

Key chapters

  • Introduction to Staff Augmentation

    The success of the business model rests largely on having the right staff with the right skills and knowledge.
  • Your Big Ticket L&D Opportunity

    During challenging economic times, outsourcing and staff augmentation are a beacon of hope and flexibility.
  • Project Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation or Both

    Instead of hiring more staff (adds long-term overhead costs), seek help from outside resources for a short-term solution.
  • Finding the Right Staffing Solutions Partner

    You are more likely to find the right fit when working with a specialized L&D staffing firm.
  • Check Your Blind Spots

    Getting acquainted with titles and job descriptions will go a long way in understanding how they can contribute to your L&D goals.
  • Understanding L&D Job Titles

    Did you know that "Instructional Designer" was the top title in demand for contract resources in 2022?
  • The ELB Learning Staffing Solution

    ELB Learning has 2500+ freelance consultants; a connected and vetted strong team of talented experts.

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