5 Things Your eLearning Strategy Needs (Beyond A Bigger Course Library)

by Brainier

The ongoing shift to hybrid and remote work is boosting eLearning’s popularity. For these disparate workforces that require a flexible and adaptive LMS, the time for a one-size-fits-all approach to learning has long since passed. In this eBook, we’ll address the most important elements that should be included in your eLearning strategy to ensure every learner is getting the most out of every facet of their platform.

Key Chapters

  1. Why There’s An Inherent Dilemma In Organizational Learning And Development

  2. Creating A Curated Library

  3. Personalizing The Experience

  4. Choosing The Right LMS

  5. Incorporating Learning & Development Plans

  6. Relying On Accurate Analytics

  7. Finding A Single, Consistent Solution For Your Unique Needs

Training needs to be repeatable, scalable, and must maintain standards. Yet it also must be personalized to the individual. This duality has vexed both leaders and learning technology for years, but some manage to strike this balance with grace.

Every L&D initiative should tie into real-world performance. It must be memorable, relatable and personalized to suit needs of individual learners. This eBook shows you how to create a top-notch eLearning strategy that hits the target.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.