Think Tasks, Not Apps: The Benefits Of Having A Big Bundle Of Tools In One Application

by Setapp / Published: Jun 29 2022

What it's about

In our digital-first working environment, apps matter. If you don’t have the right apps that facilitate you doing your best work efficiently, you may end up working longer hours and causing yourself headaches. Wouldn't it be great if you could find a big collection of tools all in one app so that you can make the most of your resources, boost team productivity, and turn your group projects into an unforgettable experience (for all the right reasons)? This eBook takes a deep dive into the benefits of the one and only Setapp, where every app is a gem.    

Key chapters

  • Do you have the right project management tools for your workflow?

  • How authoring apps can help you create your best writing and so much more

  • How can time and goal tracker apps help with personal and professional projects?

  • How to make your next group project a nice and fun experience

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