Thriving In The Global Skills Shortage: Your Path Through The Wilderness

by Cornerstone People Research Lab

Download this 2022 Global Skills Report to learn how successful organizations worldwide are using skills to navigate uncharted territory and help themselves and their people thrive in a new world of work.

Key Chapters

  1. 2020 vs. 2022: What Changed?

    Using reskilling as a catch-all term for skills development is problematic. In previous research, we defined a term that was inclusive of upskilling, reskilling, and new skill development as “new skilling.”

  2. COVID-19 Casts a Long Shadow on the Workforce

    Throughout our study, there is a strong positive correlation between providing support and opportunities for employees and the overall business performance of an organization.

  3. The Employee-Employer Skills Confidence Gap Remains — and Expands

    In 2022, only 55% of employees are confident in their organization’s prioritization in developing new skilling opportunities for them.

  4. Skills Development Today: Employees and Employers Still Lost in the Wilderness

    Understanding skills development was a central theme in this report and our 2020 report as we focused most of our research on understanding the appetite and delivery of skill development.

  5. Where Do Your People Go for Skills Development? How High Performing Organizations Close the Confidence Gap!

    High Performing Organizations recognize the opportunity and guide employees in their development.

  6. What Does Good Skills Development Look Like?

    High Performing Organizations drive better skill development outcomes.

  7. How Do You Become a High Performing Organization?

    Our perspective: Practical advice to modernize skill development.

The more closely aligned an organization and it's people are on how well it prioritizes quality skill-development opportunities, the more successful everyone is.

This insightful skills report can help you create a holistic and learner-centered skills development program that bridges existing gaps and maximizes modern tech.

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Christopher Pappas
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