7 Learning Strategies To Transform Your Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training For Success

by EI Design

This eBook, 7 Learning Strategies to Transform Your Corporate Induction and Onboarding Training for Success, is a guide for organizations to use immersive learning strategies including Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance the impact of their Induction and Onboarding training.

Key Chapters

  1. Section 1

    - What are the advantages of a well- designed Induction and Onboarding program?
    - What constitutes a well-designed Induction and Onboarding program?

  2. Section 2

    - What are the key challenges associated with the traditional face-to-face approach to offer the Induction and Onboarding program?
    - To what extent can these challenges be offset by adopting online training, and what is the optimal approach?
    - What are the benefits of moving your Induction and Onboarding program to a blended or fully online approach?

  3. Section 3

    - What learning strategies can be used to create effective online Induction and Onboarding programs?

  4. Section 4

    7 success stories featuring:
    - Virtual Reality
    - Learning Portal
    - Personalization
    - Mobile Learning
    - Microlearning
    - Gamification
    - Video Based Learning
    - Social Learning

The right approach to create an effective Induction and Onboarding program is blended delivery. In this approach, you can offer the learning resources online and retain the facilitated sessions to recap, reinforce, and have discussions (including sessions between new employees) on their impressions and experience so far.

Induction and onboarding training play a vital part in making new employees feel as members of the team, embrace the corporate culture of your organization, and reach their potential the sooner possible. This is why it is fundamental to exceed the barriers of the traditional approach to it. By reading this eBook by EI, you’ll be enabled to effectively apply virtual reality, gamification, social learning and other innovative strategies, that give meaning to onboarding, and offer fun and engaging training to the newly hired.

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Christopher Pappas
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