Updated eLearning Trends 2020 - 18 Key Trends To Realign Remote Workforce Training Strategy In The Post Pandemic World

by EI Design

My latest eBook, Updated eLearning Trends 2020: 18 Key Trends To Realign Remote Workforce Training Strategy In The Post Pandemic World, is designed to help you pick the right trends as you realign with a remote workforce training strategy.

Key Chapters

  1. Section 1: In the spotlight. “Must-have” trends to offer remote learning.

    (a.) Mobile learning (b.) Mobile apps for learning (c.) Virtual training: Conversion of ILT to blended or fully online learning

  2. Section 2: Trends that equip remote users to learn quickly, apply the learning effectively, and get access to relevant content and Just-In-Time learning aids.

    (a.) Microlearning (b.) Personalized learning (c). Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

  3. Section 3: Trends that foster continuous learning.

    (a.) Informal learning (b.) Curation and User-Generated Content (c.) Social learning (d.) Self-directed learning

  4. Section 4: Trends that help you deliver engaging, high-impact, and immersive virtual learning experiences for remote learners.

    (a.) Gamification (b.) Scenario-based learning and interactive story-based learning (c.) Video-based learning (videos and interactive videos) (d.) AR/VR and MR or immersive learning (e.) Next-gen learning strategies

  5. Section 5: Trends that help you assess the impact of remote training and aid you in maximizing the ROI.

    (a.) Learner analytics (b.) Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) (c.) Artificial Intelligence (AI) in learning

This year, the COVID-19 crisis has reset the trends, leaving the HR leaders and L&D teams to rethink the way they will manage and train the workforce. Training remote learners and driving performance gain over distance is the new reality. My eBook lists 18 eLearning trends highlighting their relevance in the changed workplace dynamics. As you embark on your virtual training transformation, it will help you pick the right trend for a successful implementation.

If being the founder of eLearning Industry has taught me one thing, it's that the professionals in our field must always be prepared for the unexpected. This is not always possible of course, but with this eBook it definitely becomes a little more probable. The eBook you are now reading really took me by surprise. The meticulous work, unique intuition, and sheer love for the industry that went into it make it easily one of the most important works in the niche of eLearning for 2020.

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Christopher Pappas
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