How To Use Interactive Videos For Learner Engagement And Supercharge Your Online Training

by EI Design

Get insights on how Interactive Videos can increase the learning impact manifold and the techniques you can use to make Interactive Videos work wonders for you.

Key Chapters

  1. Section 1

    Know about the limitations of the standard video format and how Interactive Videos can offset these limitations.

  2. Section 2

    Get insights on the key differences between videos and Interactive Videos and the benefits of using Interactive Videos.

  3. Section 3

    Get a sense of how you can use the current learning strategies to multiply the impact of your Interactive Video based trainings.

  4. Section 4

    Take a look at EI Design’s customizable Interactive Video framework.

  5. Section 5

    Get more insights through a case study featuring EI Design’s Interactive Video framework and how it can help deliver high impact training in a Microlearning format.

Interactive Videos flip the passivity of a standard video to an interactive and engaging experience for the learners. They bring in an element of engagement and facilitate not just recall and retention of information but also its application and analysis.

This eBook gives you great insights on how you can turn you video based training assets from a "lean-back to a lean-forward interactive experience" and redefines what more is possible with the medium!

Asha Pandey photo

Asha Pandey
Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design