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The VILT Instructor’s Handbook: How To Launch A Top-Notch Virtual Training Program On A Tight Timeline


The VILT Instructor’s Handbook: How To Launch A Top-Notch Virtual Training Program On A Tight Timeline

by Adobe Connect / Published: Sep 08 2021

What it's about

Virtual instructors should evaluate and leverage the full potential of online training platforms to maximize learner engagement, instead of merely viewing them as remote meeting solutions. This guide can help you launch an awe-inspiring virtual training program for your team.

Key chapters

  • Transition From Physical Classes To Virtual Training In 7 Stress-Free Steps

    This chapter outlines 7 key steps to switch from on-site training to virtual training, minus the stress.
  • How To Create Amazing Virtual Experiences For Popular L&D Use Cases

    We'll help you develop amazing virtual sessions that stick with employees and partners for months (or years) to come.
  • From Breakout Activities To Live Events: 8 Virtual Classroom Design Best Practices

    Let's walk you through virtual classroom design best practices to create engaging virtual events, virtual training exercises, and breakout activities.
  • How To Pick The Perfect Virtual Training Tools For Your Business Needs

    Here are some insider secrets to choose the best virtual training software for business objectives and existing pain points, as well as maximize learning retention.
  • Achieving Buy-In: How To Make A Successful Business Case For Your Virtual Training Program

    If you are looking to upgrade your generic web conferencing and online training tools, here are some best practices to establish the business value of specialized virtual training solutions.
  • Doing More With Less: Innovative Tips To Leverage Virtual Training Technology In Your Organization

    Let's take a deeper dive into how online trainers can get the most from the unique capabilities of Adobe Connect.

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