VILT: Why Virtual Class Readiness Matters For Your L&D Team

by ReadyTech Corporation

This eBook helps you determine if your organization is ready to move from in-person training delivery to online or virtual training delivery.

Key Chapters

  1. Return On Investment

    What is the ROI when moving to a VILT model?

  2. Transition To Online

    Things to keep in mind when making the transition from in-person to virtual instructor-led training delivery.

  3. Class Delivery

    Tips to ensure successful virtual instructor-led training delivery.

Is your training department ready for VILT?

A big number of businesses nowadays turn to virtual training to boost employees' skills and performance. However, the implementation of a VILT strategy requires deep know-how to create a truly engaging experience for the employee training participants. This fresh, interactive eBook can give you all the valuable information you should keep in mind before deciding to follow this virtual training trend.

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Christopher Pappas
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