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Virtual Instructor-Led Training: A Beginner's Guide


Virtual Instructor-Led Training: A Beginner's Guide

by CommLab India / Published: Sep 03 2020

What it's about

Explore the secrets behind successful Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) or virtual classroom sessions. It offers content and the ability to collaborate through technology, train trainers, and motivate learners.

Key chapters

  • Traditional Vs. Virtual Classrooms

    Explore how a virtual classroom differs from a physical classroom, apart from the lack of visual cues. Also take a look at whether a webinar qualifies as a virtual classroom session.
  • 2 Pillars Of The Virtual Classroom

    Content and technology are crucial elements of VILT. While content has to be designed for the virtual space, technology needs to support the collaboration required.
  • The Art Of VILT

    Explore how instructional events can be tweaked to suit the virtual space.
  • The Science Of VILT

    Explore popular VILT platforms and their features that facilitate collaboration.
  • Train Classroom Trainers

    Discover tips and best practices to help trainers become comfortable with the switch from the physical to the virtual classroom.
  • Engage And Motivate Learners

    Explore 5 best practices to motivate learners in the virtual space and keep them engaged.

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