Smart World, Smart Learning: Trends And Future Prospects Of eLearning

Smart World, Smart Learning: Trends And Future Prospects Of eLearning
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Summary: The main objective of this article on trends and future prospects of eLearning is to provide several pointers that organizations may use to uplift their training strategies.

Trends And Future Prospects Of eLearning

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions…"– Albert Einstein.

When applying this thought to education, does this really mean that the world would eventually get transformed in a way where everyone has equal access to education? Will we live in a world where learning will be like more of a play and individualized in order for every student to benefit utmost from the learning experience? As per Einstein’s statement, yeah, we might.

Now, let’s rewind a bit and think much of how far we have come in the case of education. Years back, learning was just about copying and becoming word-perfect. At some point, later on, learning started to happen with the help of a leaf or page called a Hornbook, and it eventually got on a chalkboard. Back then, the learning resources started to change by leaps and bounds; and by the end of the 20th century, the power of the internet pervaded virtually every aspect of education, and this is where we are currently on…

From Chalkboards To Chat Boards: The Power Of eLearning

So, what is "eLearning"? Well, understanding eLearning is simple; it’s all about a platform where electronic technologies are utilized to access the educational curriculum outside the confines of conventional classrooms. It has transformed the way the younger generation learns. Do you think it is mandatory for our students to actually sit in classrooms and take lectures at their colleges to obtain the certificate for a course? Not at all; all they need is an internet connection to access the lecture of their professors online—as, simple as that!

Recent Trends In eLearning

The eLearning industry is constantly evolving. Thanks to the upgradations in the cyber and technology industry, the possibilities are endless for the future of eLearning. Few trends that are currently the hot topics of educational systems are mentioned below:

1. Gamification

Learning through gaming—everyone would like that, right? And yes, it has been the popularized feature of eLearning in recent years. Studies indicate that games enhance the brainpower and one’s ability to switch between different tasks; it also enables people to incorporate multiple ideas for a problem solution, at a single point in time. Most eLearning systems embody badges, scores, and leaderboards pushing learners to gain their best for fulfilling levels that are regarded as key topics.

2. Cloud-Based Systems

This feature is often manipulated by corporate managers to train their employees in the most cost-effective way. A cloud-based eLearning platform confers your employees, access to the online training round-the-clock, thereby increasing employee productivity and retention. Such platforms are also safe; they have several safety measures, from data encryption to SSL, in effect.

3. Big Data

Today, Big Data is everywhere—from social media to website analytics. When it comes to eLearning, it is the data produced while learners are taking eLearning courses. This is a real perk for both learners and developers in the realm of eLearning. The feature enables eLearning professionals to analyze how learners are digesting the modules and help them fine-tune their strategies in the right way.

4. Wearable Technologies

Wearable technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Google Glass headsets, and smart-watches can also be used in order to create interactive training experiences. These technologies help to cut down on the number of scheduled training sessions, thereby somewhat reducing the training costs. Learners are also benefitted from instant support or help that they could receive from their supervisors or managers.

Future Prospects Of eLearning

The traditional education system always follows an idea that the teacher is the supreme authority, and students should learn subjects from whatever the teacher delivers. Howbeit, the majority of the youth find this experience too difficult to cope up with. eLearning offers great future prospects to those people.

1. Economic

Opting educational courses might be expensive; eLearning technology could be used to cater affordable and free online-based certificate, and degree courses, and learning contents.

2. Making Dream Come True

eLearning can help learners to avail classes from distant educational institutions of their dream online, overseas.

3. Better Assistance

Learners get the opportunity to study as per their preferred time and get academic assistance online whenever they need.

4. Time Management

Learners are able to take the courses at their convenient time. This is a major factor that could help candidates who are doing part-time jobs along with studying.

With all new trends dominating the industry, eLearning has been outrightly popular today. The industry is expected to accommodate new technologies, to make learning more interesting in the near future. Now, it’s the turn of organizations in various sectors to make use of these innovations in the best way to train their employees or students and uplift their growth. And at the end of the day, excellent training can lead to the creation of successful students or the productive workforce, right? ‌

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