Training Automation: 7 Reasons Your Employees (And Bottom Line) Need It

How Automated Training Can Benefit Your Business And Employees
Summary: Wouldn’t it be perfect if our brains had an ‘upload’ button for new skills and knowledge? While scientists haven’t managed that feat (yet), using an LMS comes pretty close. Let’s look at the benefits of automating your training with an LMS.

How Automated Training Can Benefit Your Business And Employees

Your company is growing (fast!), and your training delivery is struggling to keep up. You need to train employees, sometimes across states, as quickly and consistently as possible. So you do. Like the rockstar you are, you pull out all the stops and ensure that every employee’s training experience is engaging, relevant, and yields a positive ROI.

There’s just one problem. You’re running low on time and energy, and as the number of employees increases, it’s only going to get worse. You’re looking for an efficient and scalable staff training solution - and that is training automation.

With the right employee training software, there are ways your staff and business can benefit from an automated employee training process.

The Reasons Your Employees Will Love Automated Training

While efficiency and scalability might be business concerns, employees also have much to love about an automated staff training management process. Here are a few reasons why:

Automated Recognition Increases Engagement

A recent study by Gallup found that only 1 in 3 employees surveyed had received praise in the last seven days [1]. The same percentage of employees also felt engaged. Is this a coincidence? No, it’s a reality. Recognition and engagement are directly related.

Still, as much as you’d love to give your employees frequent recognition for their learning achievements, where would you find the time? The good news is, you don’t have to. Automated training can recognize employees for you!

The trick is to find an LMS with gamification and certification features. These tools will allow you to set up badges, points, levels, rewards, and leaderboards that recognize certain milestones as employees move through their training. This will keep them motivated, and see your completion rates soar.

Plus, when employees do complete their courses, they’ll earn an online certificate to verify their new skills. This will motivate them to complete their next course, and the one after that. The best news? This recognition can be set up once when you create your courses. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let automation do the work for you.

Learning Becomes Self-Driven

People learn in different ways, and at different speeds. More than that, each employee has their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own busy work schedule. So, the more convenient and relevant you can make training, the more likely employees are to engage. This is where an automated employee training schedule comes in.

When training is automated, employees can learn at their own pace. As they complete a course on their personalized learning path, the next course is automatically unlocked. Plus, with a cloud-based LMS like TalentLMS, employees can access these courses from any place, at any time, and on any device. In other words, employees become the drivers of their own learning journey. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

More Feedback, More Often

There’s nothing worse than slogging away at course, all the while having no idea whether you’re on the right track or not. Actually, there is something worse. Getting to the end of the course and bombing the final assessment because you didn’t understand the content as well as you thought you did. This nightmare could be what your employees are experiencing.

What if we told you that there’s a way around this? A way to provide more feedback, more often, but with less human input? Yes, you read right. With workforce training management automation and powerful LMS assessment features, you can create quizzes, branching scenarios and other learning activities with automated feedback. Set up your questions, solutions and incorrect responses feedback once, and simply let learning take its course.

The Business Benefits Of Training Automation

Automated training offers heaps of benefits for employees. But it also makes training simpler, less costly and more effective for the business. How? Let’s dive in.

No More Duplication Of Effort

Until you automate your employee training and development process, you’re bound to waste time and money duplicating training tasks. Let’s take onboarding as an example. When a new employee (or group of employees) joins your company, someone needs to set up their onboarding tasks, someone else needs to train them on using the company CRM and LMS, and perhaps a few managers need to teach them about company processes and job tasks.

Then, a few weeks or months later, another new hire (or group of new hires) arrives, and these onboarding efforts start all over again. You’re probably getting tired just thinking about it. But if you automate employee training, you only need to set up tasks and create online training courses once. Then, every time new employees arrive, you simply initiate the onboarding program, and let employees work through their courses in their own time.

Anticipate Your Employees’ Learning Needs

Today, job roles and tasks are continuously evolving (don’t you know it!). This means that employees must be able to access new knowledge and skills exactly when they need them. But traditional training approaches don’t always cater to Just-In-Time learning. More often, employees must request training, or wait for training to be allocated to them.

With automated training for employees, you can leverage insights from work performance data, employee profiles and online assessment results to pinpoint learning needs. Then, at the push of a button, you can quickly allocate the right courses to the right people, anywhere in the world. This way, you’ll ensure that each employee gets the knowledge and skills that are most relevant to them, and as quickly as possible.

Save Time And Money

One of the toughest challenges of training a growing workforce is consistency. For example, when 10,000 employees need to receive compliance training as a regulatory requirement, you need to ensure that the same training content and delivery is received by the full workforce. If it’s not, employees could make costly mistakes, and even put the company in breach of regulations.

One of the major benefits of automated training for your workforce is that all employees, no matter where they are, receive exactly the same content and instruction. You can even automate quiz assessments so that feedback is consistent, too. The result? A—by far—lower risk of costly mistakes and misunderstandings, and a more aligned and knowledgeable workforce.

Set Up Surveys Once

If you’re like most companies today, you’re probably using employee insight surveys to keep tabs on engagement and culture. It’s also likely that you’re using training evaluation surveys to ensure that employees are enjoying a relevant, interesting and impactful learning experience.

While you understand the value of these surveys, they can be an administrative nightmare to implement. So, why not make them part of your course management automation? An LMS with survey engine features, like TalentLMS, will enable you to set up automated surveys that are completed online. This means that you can schedule surveys to be sent at the end of a course, or periodically, without the manual hassle.

As an added bonus, because the survey is completed on your LMS, you’ll be able to pull ready-made reports of the results. Again, letting your LMS automation do the work for you means that you’ll have more time to spend on the important things.


If you’re stretching yourself too thin trying to deliver effective training to a growing team, you can stop. Automated training will take your employees’ learning experience to new levels of engagement, and see your training time and budget yield greater returns. It’s a no-brainer. Plus, this is all so easy to achieve when your LMS has automation features.


[1] Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact

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