How Can eLearning Companies In The US Help Start-Ups

How Can eLearning Companies In The US Help Start-Ups
Summary: This article explores how hard it is to succeed as a start-up, and how eLearning can help start-ups survive and thrive,

How To Be A Successful Start-Up?

There is a boom of start-ups happening in the world. The reason why they come up is that some people have an idea that they want to make successful. In the US, 72,560 start-ups opened in the year 2022, which is an astonishing number.

Is It Easy For A Start-Up To Succeed?

But, here is the sad truth: 40% of start-ups don’t succeed, which means a loss of capital for those who have invested money. Start-ups need one or two years to be able to make profits. But 70% of start-ups don’t survive beyond the second year.

There can be a lack of demand for their products/services, due to which start-ups fail (34%). Another reason start-ups fail is marketing problems (22%). It’s true that 50% of start-ups fail within five years due to lack of training, which causes marketing and technical hindrances. Profitability is an important part of a business, which implies that the start-up can afford to pay salaries to employees, apart from reaping good profits. When a start-up wants to proceed to the next stage (i.e., to raise funds), it needs to show profits. For this, it must invest in basic eLearning to achieve success and increase its operations.

Hence, Learning and Development (L&D) is extremely necessary for start-ups to become the best at what they do and rise in the market. Before the second year after their commencement, start-ups don’t have many employees on board, at least not enough to need to formally impart training to them. On average, start-ups start hiring in their third year, and that’s when they need eLearning companies for regular training programs.

Why Do Start-Ups Need eLearning?

Knowledge disbursement through eLearning is a regular requirement in these companies because otherwise, they would fail to be successful. The companies won’t be able to increase employee strength. There are various ways in which eLearning can happen in start-ups, including through gamification and videos.

Start-ups also need standardized knowledge across the company, which can contribute to their success. If there is no consistency in the procedures of a start-up, even during sales, the customers can lose faith, which these organizations can’t afford. eLearning companies in the US can ensure that there is a uniform knowledge base established in the company. Start-ups need eLearning for professional coaching in domains such as marketing, sales, and operations.

1. Sales Enablement

Start-ups need eLearning support because they need to train new employees. Often this knowledge needs to be distributed because they don’t have any clue about the processes. Sales enablement training is also required in these companies because people are unaware of their products. The product is also unique and requires special training to be sold. These videos can include interviews with senior team members who have valuable information about selling and how to advertise the USPs of the product or services.

2. Procedure Knowledge

Start-ups often have different business procedures in manufacturing and the provision of services, and hence there needs to be job aids that new employees can consult. Without information about procedures, employees can’t maintain the vision of the company and contribute to its success. Classroom training is not practical in these companies because someone from within the organization only can teach. They can't hire anyone from outside who might be familiar with the industry but does not know much about the organization’s products. Since they are new to the market, these companies can’t afford to share their trade secrets.

3. Targeted Marketing

The marketing problems occur because start-ups have a limited budget, and when they have so many options available, they can’t decide which marketing option to use to get in touch with their target audience. And they have to hurry because any delay means losing customers. eLearning companies in the US can help train the employees in such organizations about which marketing strategy to employ based on the usage patterns of the target audience. Social media is useless when prospective consumers don’t have the time to search on digital platforms for products/services. For example, when a start-up is providing nursing services for older people, it needs a different marketing strategy than using the internet, because older adults don’t browse social media that often.


Therefore, eLearning companies in the US can provide professional training to start-ups for carrying forth their businesses to success. eLearning companies in the US are also of great help to these businesses because most of them have employees who are working part-time. Hence, classroom training isn’t an option for them; they need accessible mobile learning solutions.

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