How To Create An Awesome Educational App

How To Create An Awesome Educational App
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Summary: According to CNBC, the education industry is expected to reach up to 350 billion USD by 2025.

Learn All About Educational App Development

The evolution of mobile apps has impacted every sector, and the education industry is no exception. Today, pursuing a course is not limited to training institutes anymore, thanks to the educational apps available online that make it easy for people to improve their skillset from the comfort of their homes.

According to CNBC, the education industry is expected to reach up to 350 billion USD by 2025. Another study conducted by Statista revealed that the global eLearning sector is estimated to hit a humongous amount of 370 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, it is the right time for a farsighted businessman to invest in the eLearning industry. Entrepreneurs can find numerous methods to make their way to the online education sector. One such method is to build an educational app.

With online space filled with millions of digital resources, creating an app that could cut through the clutter is not an easy task. In order to help you make an informed decision, this article sheds light on various aspects of eLearning app development, including types of educational apps, key benefits, core features, and some popular players available in the market. Keep reading to gain some useful insights.

Types Of Educational Apps

Online Courses

These apps allow users to pursue online courses from anywhere and at any time. From textbooks to video tutorials, these types of educational apps provide students with every possible source through which they can study online without any hassle.

Exam Preparation

Examination apps help students prepare for entrance exams by providing study material like quizzes, practice papers, flashcards, and more. Users can keep an eye on exam schedules and study accordingly as per their convenience.

Language Learning

Language learning apps make it possible for users to learn a new language quickly and effectively. Not only do such apps promote the concept of self-centered learning but they also enable users to improve their communication skills in a cost-efficient manner.

Brain Teasing

Brain teasing apps use memorization techniques so that users can improve their logical skills, concentration power, and evaluative thinking. These apps provide data in the form of graphics and bar charts that play a vital role in enhancing brain power and internal functioning.

Progress Tracking

These apps permit teachers to monitor student’s academic growth and achievements. They can also manage the grades and attendance of learners with just a few clicks. Students can also track their work progress whenever required.

Key Benefits Of Educational Apps  

Effective Communication

Educational apps play a significant role in enhancing the parent-teacher and student-teacher communication. Owing to the busy working schedule of parents and teachers, maintaining a rapport via in-person interactions is a very challenging task for both parties. Moreover, teachers can transparently share the progress of students and schedule meetings with their parents in-advance as per their availability.

Personalized Information

One of the biggest benefits of using educational apps is personalized learning. Teachers can send the test papers and quizzes to students on the basis of their skillset and performance. Students will receive a learning plan as per their knowledge, interests, and learning capability.

Reduced Paperwork

The usage of educational apps in the past few years has reduced the paperwork involved in the education sector to a large extent. Students can easily download eBooks and other learning material directly from apps available online. Not only it will help them save valuable time and money but also improves their online learning experience.

Progress Tracking

Students can receive more personalized feedback from their teachers via educational apps. They will be able to track their progress anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, they will also receive real-time updates from their teachers regarding their work progress and behavior in the classroom. It will help them improve their academic grades and scholastic activities.

Enhanced Engagement

Whether it’s an educational app or a language learning app, integration of gaming elements is the most successful method to improve user engagement. Educational apps equipped with some gaming elements provide a fun-filled learning experience to the users. Besides, gamification in the education sector boosts learners' motivation and helps them improve their logical skills.

Core Features Of An Educational App 


The gateway to developing most of the applications passes through the sign-up process. Both students and teachers will log into the app via their email id or phone number and password. Social media profiles could also be used for a single-click login.

Advanced Search

An advanced search option will help both students and teachers find a particular topic or a course without navigating through the entire app. Adding to that, including voice search will allow users to search for an item using their voice.

Live Tutorials

An educational app must have a feature through which both students and teachers can interact with each other in real-time. Including features that offer live interactive sessions will take the learning experience of students to the next level.

Mock Tests

It’s necessary to include a section that offers mock tests to the students so that they can check their knowledge base, strengths, and weaknesses. Test papers and quizzes will help students prepare for their examinations in a more effective way.

Instant Messaging

This feature will facilitate one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. Students can communicate privately with their mentors and clarify their doubts and queries regarding a particular topic instantly using chatbots.

Social Media Integrations

This feature will enable students and teachers to share study related material and any important announcements regarding meetings, courses, and examinations on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Push Notifications

App users will receive notifications regarding meeting timings, upcoming courses, time-tables, holidays, trending updates in the education sector, etc. These timely updates will enable students to set study goals regarding their future.

Some Popular Educational Apps 


With millions of users across the globe, Remind is one of the most popular communication platforms that helps students stay connected with their teaching staff. From language translator to account security to chatbots for real-time communication, Remind is equipped with several features that reduce the communication gap between learners and teachers.


Bloomz is an award-winning app to improve the coordination between teachers and parents. Teachers can securely contact parents through messaging, schedule conferences, and transparently share classroom updates with them. Moreover, parents will also get timely notifications about their student’s behavior and academic records.


Edmodo is an easy-to-use eLearning app brimmed with several tools that help teachers to share online learning material like assignments, lectures, puzzles, etc. with registered users. In the past 12 years, Edmodo has been used by almost 53 million users all over the world in more than 190 countries.


Lynda is a renowned educational app founded by Lynda Weinman, that offers a myriad of courses taught by subject-matter professionals and industry experts. The app lets users access various courses from the subscription library, view playlists to create a training plan, auto-play courses, and share them across social media platforms.


The information shared above will help you understand some important areas of the education app development process. Apart from that, if you’re willing to learn more about the detailed process of creating an eLearning app, then it is advisable to consult a reputed education app development company.