How To Select An Education App Development Company That's Right For You

How To Select An Education App Development Company That's Right For You
Summary: Build an EdTech app that meets the requirements of your end users. Know the right ways to choose the best education app development company for your business.

Find The Right Education App Development Company

Millions of students who are currently unable to visit schools, colleges, and universities are now attending online classes, maintaining the restriction of physical and social distancing. Although a few countries have opened their schools, the recurrence of COVID-19 infections have forced them to think of re-closures. This is how the education industry has come up with a permanent solution of eLearning for the students, and for the educational institutions that have been struggling with the crisis of teaching and learning.

Why Do You Need To Build An Education App?

You will be surprised to know that education is the second-most popular and most searched category on Play Store, as per a report by Statista. It accounts for around 9.31% of the total available worldwide apps. There are various educational or eLearning apps like Brainly and Duolingo that have probably inspired you to initiate your education startup company. But before doing so, you must identify your business goals. Know your business decisions and what outcomes you want to achieve.

How To Choose The Right Development Company?

Before you hire an educational app development company, you need to consider a few factors. Although choosing the right company seems to be an easy task, it is very difficult to actually hire one that can fulfill your user’s demands and all your business requirements. Here are the top characteristics that you should look for while hiring an education app development company.

1. Performance Rate

The performance of the mobile app development company that you are planning to hire mainly depends on the coordination of the team and their understanding of the education industry. Look for the number of related projects in which the company previously worked, and how many of them became successful. If the company has a higher success rate, that means you can put your trust in them.

2. Check Their Portfolio

Portfolios can be used for determining project themes, technical expertise, business domains, and other factors. An educational app development company that has EdTech experience knows the ins and outs of the trade. Therefore, looking at their previous works or searching for their happy clients will give you a rough idea of their skillset and experience. Check their testimonials or portfolios and find out more about the projects that they have worked on.

3. Smooth Delivery Management

Most enterprise clients report that they were not informed about the progress of their education mobile app development projects. Communication is very important between the client and the development company in order to have access to the complete details of the app development process, from end to end. For developing mobile apps that are flawless and effective, companies should always keep their client updated. Study the transparency policies and complete the product development cycle of the company before hiring them.

4. Time Efficiency

Time to market and meeting deadlines are the two major things in today's fast-paced world. Most companies today hire the top education app development companies so that they can meet deadlines. Also, it is said that time is money. The same saying goes in the field of app and software development. If the company that you hire does not meet the deadlines efficiently, you might face a huge loss of time and fortune in the future. Companies that are very strict with their deadlines and stick to their promises are the ones that value time and deliver your EdTech project before the delivery deadline.

5. Cost-Effective

Education is an absolute necessity and not a commodity. Therefore, an education app development company should keep in mind that they cannot charge an extravagant cost for developing such software or applications. Most of the companies have highly expensive quotes. However, the quotes mainly depend on the complexity of your app, the features and functionality you want to implement, the UX and UI, and several other features. You must be able to justify and calculate for yourself if you want to spend a fortune on your app or discuss the cost estimation directly with the app development company. Always go for those education companies that allow you to decide on the features you want, and then frame a legitimate cost estimate.

6. Complete Security Of App Ideas

Businesses today face a huge threat from the leakage of app concepts and ideas. Currently, there are various low-quality clones appearing in the in-app marketplaces before the original version is launched. This happens due to the lack of security utilized by mobile app development companies. When you hire an education app development company to design and develop a mobile app, they must adhere to stringent security guidelines. It is crucial to keep the app concept and idea a complete secret before it is released to the app stores. Both parties should sign a nondisclosure agreement or NDA to ensure the confidentiality of the app idea.

7. Complete Testing Measures

Before you hire an education app development company, you must ensure that the company has a trusted quality assurance team and ensures end-to-end testing measures. Conduct your own user testing. Make sure that your app is free of bugs and glitches, as apps that come with constant breakdowns lose their original appeal to the users, who end up uninstalling the app. For instance, voice quality issues in eLearning or EdTech apps can result in frustration for the users because they might not be able to follow the course. Companies should ensure that they are providing completely automated and up-to-date quality assurance and testing services.

Get Started With Your Education App Development Partner Today

eLearning platforms have provided higher flexibility and have been easily adopted by both students and educational institutions. With the help of mobile devices and desktops and with a stable internet connection, teachers and students can now connect resourcefully into a virtual classroom. The current internet prices and facilitation of easier setup have simplified eLearning in the education process. Also, the pandemic was causing a lot of hindrance in the proper education and training of students, and this made various educational institutions shift to the eLearning mode.

It can be thus assumed that the eLearning market will continue making revenue as the future sees a complete adoption of virtual classrooms rather than physical classrooms. If you want to explore the eLearning industry and give your business a new direction, then connect with the right education app development company today and create your Duolingo-like app.