How To Increase Customer Conversions From Your Online Training

How To Increase Customer Conversions From Your Online Training
Summary: You can be a successful marketer or an expert trainer. You can be good at driving customer engagement. However, your skills managing and converting...

Importance Of An Integrated Online Training Ecosystem

You can be an expert trainer. You can be good at driving learner engagement. Your training software can help you host effective online training. However, your skills managing and converting leads from your training business are severely compromised when the technology you're using to engage with your trainees is isolated from the system that aids in lead management.

A recent study by IBM indicates that automating your lead capturing ecosystem results in a 3x increase in lead conversions and a 41% boost in revenue generation [1]. This is why it's vital that the virtual training software that helps you connect with your worldwide audience should also come with the unique ability to automate your CRM.

Customer Relationship Management as a technology, popularly known by its abbreviation (CRM), has been around for more than two decades. But its ability to power firms that interact with customers who are located halfway around the world is still under-appreciated. Therefore, it is important to set up a training ecosystem in which your virtual classroom tool is integrated with a CRM system.

The Conversion Playbook

Let's take a look at a list of conversion strategies that a CRM integrated training system will help you achieve:

Invite Your Focus Group

When it comes to professional training, it's not enough just to have impressive course content. It's crucial that you also get it in front of the right learner group. This takes you closer to attracting those prospective learners, as they're already interested in your offerings. To help with this, your training platform should let you invite a specific group of people from the CRM contact list. Those who were marked as leads in your CRM module should be a click away from getting notified about your upcoming course demo. This form of personalized invitations is more effective than giving a shout out on social media, where the odds of capturing your prospect's attention is fairly low.

Forge Stronger Relationship

Once you've assembled your target audience, your focus should be on presenting strong content. Establishing real-time interaction inside a virtual classroom should be the least of your worries. With robust live engagement features, the training solution must help you remotely build rapport as easily as you would face-to-face. An ideal training platform should readily serve the following benefits :

  • Help you host both live remote sessions and on-demand training
  • Offer personalized settings to invite participants and to promote the session
  • Ways to charge your learners through payment gateway configuration
  • Packed with features that simulate real-time interaction
  • Means to assess both the audience and the impact of your training

Make Data-Driven Decisions

After your session ends, all the data about your registrants, attendees, and their level of engagement should now be populated in your CRM account, instantly. Any statistic is just a number until we add some context to it. The customer insights drawn from this engagement data help you qualify your leads with greater precision. You can then reconnect with those who are more likely to convert to paying customers for your training courses.

The Market Potential

Why is it important for a professional trainer to build a holistic training system now more than ever?

Because the corporate training services market is set to grow multi-folds. Given the importance of professional up-skilling and reskilling, training agencies are poised to make brisk business. In 2018, the global IT training market was worth US$ 64.6 Billion. According to IMARC Group, the market is expected to reach US$ 91.7 Billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of around 6% during 2019-2024 [2].

Therefore, a tightly-knit customer engagement strategy will undoubtedly be a prime factor in accelerating the growth of your training business.


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