Integrating Technology In The Classroom: 24 EdTech Tools And 5 Benefits Of Educational Technology Integration

Integrating Technology In The Classroom: 24 EdTech Tools And 5 Benefits Of Educational Technology Integration
Summary: When the topic “Integrating technology in the classroom” comes up, the image that comes to mind is the use of computers in the classroom. However, this is not the case.

24 EdTech Tools And 5 Benefits Of Integrating Technology In The Classroom 

There are many ways of integrating technology in the classroom; ways that do not directly involve the use of computers. Some of the traditional classroom tools have found equivalent technology tools. Schools or teachers that have adopted or replaced traditional classroom tools with equivalent technology tools are seen to be teaching with edTech tools.

Whiteboard Tools

The whiteboard has been used for so many years and is now finding its equivalent technology tool. Several whiteboard equivalent technology tools that deliver the same experience now exist:

1. Sketchlot. 

The tool is free and works on most browsers and devices. It is intended for use by teachers and students. Using the tool requires teachers to create an account and then add a list of student. The teacher then assigns passwords to students. The passwords are used by students to join drawings shared by the teacher. The teacher can choose who they share whiteboard content. Students can also create drawings and share with their teachers.

2. Aww. 

Aww is another app that is also browser based. A $10 monthly subscription is required to use the app. To use the app, go to and start drawing. One can invite people to see their whiteboard content by sending them the link of their drawing.

3. Stoodle. 

Stoodle is a free whiteboard tool. The tool is easy to start using. To start using Stoodle, just launch a classroom and give it a name. To share a drawing, just share the URL link given to the classroom right after its creation. It also allows voice capability as a microphone can be used with it.

4. Draw It Live. 

Draw It Live is very much similar to Stoodle. Using Draw It Live requires going to the website, click “collaborative whiteboard” and giving it a name and you are ready to go. Sharing the drawing is achieved by just inviting people by sending them the link given to your drawing.

5. FlockDraw. 

FlockDraw is also similar to Stoodle and Draw It Live. Using FlockDraw requires visiting the website, click “start drawing” button and you are ready to go. Sharing the drawing is by sending people the link of your drawing.

Presentation Tools

Several tools exist online that can be used for presentation. Below are some of them and how they work:

6. Prezi. 

It is one of the best presentation program available online. It is known for creating zooming presentations. To use Prezi, one requires signing up. A user is availed with many templates that they can use to create presentations. Gives the option of sharing the presentation URL or downloading then sharing. It allows for the addition of text, images, shapes, and other media.

7. Glogster Edu.

This online presentation tool enables the creation of incredible presentations. It differs from other presentation tools in that it presents subjects in a different way. It allows for the addition of text, images, shapes, and other media. When done creating a presentation, just save and share with other students.

8. Animoto.

Animoto is intended for presentations that seek to deliver animated experience. The presentations generated by this online presentation tool are video based. It involves picking a style and a song that will be used for creating a presentation. You can then add photos, videos, and text. The final step is producing and sharing the presentation. It offers many templates for selection.

9. Kizoa.

Kizoa provides the ability to create animated presentations, slideshows, or video. It is a blend of several online presentation tools features. To create a presentation using Kizoa, create a slideshow, and then select pictures. It offers the ability to edit the images so that they can blend into the background. Next, one selects transitions, animations or music for the presentation. Finally, edit the text, save and share.

10. Photo Peach.

Photo Peach is for teachers to create media rich presentation. It has a range of options for inserting media, which make the presentation unique and creative. Allows or addition of background music or audio to suit a presentation.

Online Group Discussion Tools

11. ChannelMe.

This web tool allows a group of users to view the same content at the same time and chat with each other.

12. Search Team.

Allows for small sized team to search together to achieve the best results.

13. Mind42.

It is a web-based application that enables a group of users to mind map their ideas. It keeps track of the ideas.

14. Entri.

It is a free group tool for writing and sharing documents. It is intending for sharing documents with a group of users to get the feedback before releasing the final document.

Course Assessment Tools 

Uses of technology in education are increasing with advancement in technology. Many people are now using the online education platforms to get educated. Some of the tools used for assessment are:

15. ClassMaker.

This online assessment tool is secure and web-based. It is easy to use and customize. It is intended for assessing tests and quizzes and provides instant grading.

16. ClassTools.

Used to create quizzes, games, activities and diagrams. It is a free tool.

17. Easy Test Maker.

A free online tool used to create tests. It has options for creating multiple choice tests, matching, and short answer questions.

18. Hot Potatoes.

Allows for creation of interactive quizzes as either crossword, gap-fill, ordering, and multiple choice.

19. Quiz Revolution.

Used to create interactive quizzes for Facebook and online quizzes for embedding on websites.

Library Tools

Adoption of eLearning is forcing education institutions to offer library services online. Besides, there are free online libraries providing eLibrary services. Some of them include:

20. FreeBookSpot.

This online free eBooks source with over 4400 free downloadable eBooks.

21. 4eBooks.

Has a huge collection of computer programming eBooks each downloadable.

22. Free-eBooks.  

An online source that allows users to download free eBooks.

23. ManyBooks.

Provides free downloadable eBooks for iPod and eBook reader.

24. GetFreeEBooks. 

An online free eBooks source with over 4400 free downloadable eBooks.

5 Benefits Of Integrating Technology In The Classroom

The integration of technology into education not only offers many advantages to eLearning, but also adds a twist to the eLearning definition. Below are the advantages of integrating technology in the classroom:

  1. Students can study at their convenient time and from anywhere.
    For example, a person who is working can decide to take a course online and not worry about time to attend classes. They just have to figure out how to balance work with school.
  2. Business people and IT specialists can get their desired certificates online.
    For instance, a person seeking a real estate license can go online and take courses to get real estate license.
  3. Use of technology in education enhances competencies beyond knowledge and skills.
    It results in improved understanding of concepts that are complex and will lead to connecting ideas, processes, and learning strategies in students and even teachers regarding problem-solving.
  4. Integration of technology in education and the classroom makes learning enjoyable and interesting. 
  5. It makes teaching easy.
    Don’t you think so?

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