Intellipaat: Defining A Way For Professional Learning

Defining A Way For Professional Learning With Intellipaat 

As things happen in reality, we realize how far we have come in technology. According to a 2014 report by an eLearning cloud platform provider, the worldwide eLearning market is expected to hit $51.5 billion by 2016, with an annual worldwide growth rate of 7.9% (over 2012-16).

As this world evolves digitally, where most entrepreneurs are coming forward with ideas and innovativeness to serve the masses, few of them like Udacity, Udemy, Simplilearn, Edureka, Intellipaat, and others have discovered awe-inspiring ways to impart training to all types of audiences across the planet. Quite literally, it is a digital revolution in education. The startups are getting extensively funded by government and private investors to bring their concepts to scale.

Dedicated to the latest technology, Intellipaat is one thriving eLearning provider, started four years back (in 2011), to enforce training on various top niche platforms and tools of big data, business intelligence, data science, programming, mobile development, digital marketing, salesforce, database, testing, and many others. It focuses on first class course curriculum aimed at unlimited participation of individuals worldwide via internet.

It has been observed that a strong learning culture is developed in the market now. The Jaipur-based online learning startup Intellipaat aims at reducing the difficulty of individuals to access quality education, without any limitations of class timings and reaching to the institute. The company has simplified teaching and training on most in-demand, complex subjects while administering everything on the user's laptop screens.

Staying ahead, you can now access training courses on your mobile phones. Having a learning community of more than 200,000 learners, Diwakar Chittora, Founder of Intellipaat, finds utter joy to see how well he is serving the community with its products and services. Speaking of the intelligent concept of digital education, where anyone can learn anytime on any device, Intellipaat is a proud owner.

The main focus of Intellipaat team is to provide real-time exposure of the Industry and its projects to individuals so that they can gain exactly what the company demands. Since enterprises love to welcome resources that can bring understand business, implement strategies, and take the ROI curve to the next level from day 1, this eLearning startup designs their curriculum projects to serve the purpose.

The company understands the learner's requirements and concerns and thus, they offer 24/7 dedicated support for any training-related queries, and are open to suggestions from their bright students. Again, believing in customer's satisfaction and delight, the enterprise encompasses personalization such that you can ask for a particular course combination, for instance, you can opt to learn Hadoop with Python programming and likewise. Likewise, there are brilliant combination training courses available to instill multiple skills that can be used in sync, giving learners the benefits of versatile finesse.

A special attraction the company offers: After finishing the Big Data Hadoop training course, you will undertake project work and will be allotted a 2-hour session with an IBM certified trainer to discuss a project solution. An IBM certificate will be awarded on project completion.

The Intellipaat team, with their valuable experience, extends the number of their training courses to 150 and more. Delivering knowledge and re-skilling people, online training courses cover 70% of extensive learning through hands-on exercises, project work, assignments, and quizzes. This platform is certainly a valuable addition to what you are today.

You are guided for top-paid jobs in your dream company, grab opportunities to get associated with 40+ corporate clients Intellipaat have, and have a prolific resume prepared to take your career to the next level. Cisco, Wipro, TCS, Ericsson, Genpact, Saint-Gobain, and others share a strong relationship with the company and offers training to many of the successful learners completing their training from here. Their recent accredited partners are IBM and CompTIA.

Be sure about upgrading your technical talents as the training courses are well equipped with latest tools and up-to-date curriculum. The next step of Intellipaat is to simulate technology buffs, experts, working professionals, students, and individuals across the globe and make them believe how exciting learning can become. With this digital learning dais, you will experience quick, simple, and incredibly excellent ways to employment.