Director Of Content

In this role, you will design, edit, and manage the production of our digital learning solutions for our corporate and higher ed audiences. You will also oversee the development of our live workshops and other offerings. You will be responsible for hiring and leading our content team, serving as a player-coach who contributes to and manages the team’s projects and priorities. You will lead the creation of transformational learning experiences that helps our learners develop long-term habits to communicate and collaborate constructively across differences.

  • Requires 5+ years experience
  • Full time
  • United States | Remote
  • Requires Bachelor's degree
  • $115,000/year
February 1, 2021
  • Lead the content strategy, design, and development for OpenMind's digital learning solutions
  • Create the tone of voice and other standards, style guides, and templates
  • Work with content experts to translate behavioral science and conflict resolution research into engaging, high-impact learning solutions
  • Build and lead a team of internal and contract content developers, learning experience designers, and editors to meet client expectations and timelines
  • Oversee the design and development of OpenMind’s live workshops and trainings
  • Collaborate with the Product team to deliver best-in-class digital learning solutions, and with the Research team to measure our effectiveness and to integrate user insights into content iterations
  • Keep up-to-date with best practices in behavior change, eLearning pedagogy, and assessment, and continuously incorporate into our content as appropriate
  • You have 5+ years of experience producing eLearning content that drives measurable behavior change
  • You have expertise in instructional design and ideally adult development
  • You’ve built eLearning solutions for corporate and/or higher education audiences
  • You have managed a team
  • Outstanding conversational writing skills, with an emphasis on delivering complex ideas in memorable, straightforward prose
  • You’ve designed content for multiple formats, including interactive text-based modules, live facilitation, and video
  • A passion for making a difference through psychology
  • You’ve led exceptional content projects and teams
  • Working experience with behavioral science and/or conflict resolution
Who You Are

You are an exceptional writer, editor, and learning designer who loves translating complex ideas into engaging and memorable learning experiences that drive positive behavior change. 

Who We Are

In recent years, our society has become increasingly divided. Rather than appreciating our differences, all too often, people are viewing the world through an "us versus them" lens. OpenMind works to address these issues by translating the best behavioral science research into practicable, scalable, and evidence-based tools that equip people with the mindset and skillset to communicate and collaborate across differences. Our tools are built for use in many contexts, including workplaces, universities, and communities. 

OpenMind is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that was co-founded by the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, the author of the bestselling books The Righteous Mind and The Coddling of the American Mind. Since launching in 2017, our online program has reached more than 45,000 people in more than 900 classrooms, as well as 100+ organizations and companies, across more than 15 countries.

Job Function
Curriculum Developer
Education Program Director
Educational Technology
Instructional Designer
Product/Project Management
Computer Software
Higher Education
Mental Health Care
Professional Training & Coaching