Decker Communications, Inc.
Product and Project Guru for Online Learning
Decker Communications, Inc.

This gig is two-parts Project Management, one-part Product Management, and one-part Instructional Design.

Decker Communications is expanding our 37-year old business communication training, coaching and consulting brand from only offering in-person experiences to include a host of new virtual training modules and coaching options for our clients’ disparate and flexibility-craving workforces.

So, what’s the Big Deal? Decker Digital is a new, unlike-anything-else-in-its-class, innovative online learning experience. It’s award-winning, too! Our initial launch is complete and we’re now sending it into orbit. We need your help to complete beta-testing for cross-browser functionality, compile user feedback, evolve our Learning Management Platform, and manage pre- and post-sales and support processes.

  • Requires 5+ years experience
  • Contract
  • San Francisco, United States
  • Requires Bachelor's degree
June 6, 2017

Project Management:

  • You should read “experienced project manager” and think, timelines, deliverables, follow-up: Check! You should have several examples of times when you developed, demonstrated and enforced these things.
  • Nothing gets by you: Excellence is a high bar, and your role is to make sure we get there. You never miss a deadline, no matter what.
  • Excitement – scratch that – make it straight up enthusiasm and outpouring energy around creating digital solutions for instructional design.
  • Tenacious, start-up-level “I’m-gonna-get this-done-because-we-need-it-now” attitude, while still exhibiting humble confidence (Translation: For you, it’s not “my way or the highway;” rather, you say, “I will get us to the highway.” And you will figure it out, grab the help you need, and get it done. Period.)

Product Management:

  • Working knowledge of eLearning Management Systems and tools
  • Familiarity with SCORM compliance and what it does
  • Experience with JIRA, SmartSheets, Adobe Creative Suite… a major plus. Experience with project management tools: Essential.
  • Proficiency in developer-speak. Not necessarily actual programming languages (though that’s a massive bonus). You just need to be able to talk to a developer and support/challenge direction where needed.
  • Develop, document and manage pre- and post-sales and support processes.

Instructional Design:

  • Consult with Decker Digital team to enhance existing eLearning content on a regular and proactive basis.
  • Upload and test content (cross-browser, web-based, etc.) to ensure functionality and partner with eLearning Technologist to troubleshoot as needed to ensure success of course.
  • Develop instructional materials and evaluate and assess the instructions as well as the impact of these instructions. 
  • Ability to troubleshoot courses and a working knowledge of various media file formats.
  • Must have high proficiency with webcam technology and tools
  • Keep abreast of development within the e-Learning fields and ensure that software skills are up to date.
  • Knowledgeable of Adult Learning Theory
  • Experience designing innovative and engaging eLearning courses

If you can say yes to the above responsibilities, you are qualified!

Who We Are

Decker Communications offers group and one-on-one communication training for professionals and business executives.  Our programs focus on both behavior and content so that our clients are able to deliver a powerful communications experience in any situation. And we transform their impact the very next day.  Put simply, our mission is to transform business communications. Our method prepares anyone in any situation to move their message from one of information to influence.

Job Function
eLearning Project Manager
Instructional Designer
Product/Project Management
Management Consulting
Professional Training & Coaching