Senior Learning Designer—Remote

Fully remote within GMT -5/+3 for £200-£300 per module, depending on experience and day rate (we estimate an Associate Learning Designer can complete between 1 and 2 modules per day). Starting ASAP, with flexible hours, with an initial contract of 3 months. This role can be from 10 to 40 hours per week, depending on your availability and our upcoming projects.

  • Requires 3+ years experience
  • Freelance
  • Remote
  • Requires Master's degree
July 31, 2020

Your role: Senior Learning Designer (freelance) 👩‍🏫

Review and re-design between one and three modules (e.g. Economics 101, Contract Law, MBA) per day.

Here's a rough outline of the process:

  • Consult
    You will talk to educators to define their needs and preferences
  • Migrate
    A member of our team working in the role of a Content Migrator will ensure that existing content is imported onto the Aula platform 
  • Transform
    You will review all existing content (e.g. slide decks, course summaries, assessment documentation) and redesign the module 'the Aula Way' in line with Aula's pedagogical principles and in a way that exploits the social, active and applied learning potential of the Aula platform
  • Share and influence
    You will work with your dedicated Associate Learning Designer to imbed your design to your educator, explaining the what, how and - critically - why of the 'Aula' version of their design
  • Iterate & build
    Oversee dedicated Associate Learning Designers as they flesh-out and finalise the design on paper and on platform in-line with quality standards
  • Sign-off
    Get final sign off on your transformation from your educator and Aula's Learning lead


  • Transform an average of two modules per day as per above.
  • Work with Aula’s Associate Learning Designers in the team to make the experience delightful for the academics. They're under a lot of stress.
  • Share your experience and help us to refine our operating model as we go along.
  • Feed into conversations about the Aula platform to help inform our roadmap and improve user experience
  • Hold yourself and the rest of the team to exceptionally high standards, taking responsibility both for pace and world-class quality outputs.


We will provide you with world-class training on how to design fully remote active, social and applied learning experiences, training on how to use the Aula platform, continuous support and feedback from our in-house expert learning designers, and an unrivalled opportunity to take part in rethinking digital transformation in Higher Ed.


We’d love to hear from you if… 🔍*

  • A digital pedagogue: you love learning, understand what great teaching and learning looks like and have a passion for technology / digital pedagogy, and you can lead a small team to produce great work
  • An influencer: you are a leader in design who can influence and support others to learn through feedback and evidence-based approaches.
  • Agile & adaptable: you’re flexible in the face of change and take control of ambiguity like a pro
  • A fast worker: able to work at pace to ensure efficiency without compromising quality
  • A problem-solver: you’re a self starter who takes challenges in your stride, maintaining a positive and energised outlook which motivates those around you
  • A stickler for the detail: you’re highly organised and set and maintain exceptionally high standards for your own and others’ work

You are the type of person who...

  • Gets excited about learning experience design
  • Likes to think outside the box and continuously improve the way you and others around you work
  • Have experience in, or have always been interested in, being involved in technology or developing platforms to rocket-power learning
  • Is keenly interested in how new technology solutions
  • Understands best practices around active and social learning

You’ve done some of these things…

  • Worked 4+ years in teaching and learning, education, or higher education
  • It's important that you've designed innovative, world-class active, social and applied / immersive learning experiences 
  • Worked closely with academics to influence their teaching and learning approaches
Who We Are

What is Aula? 🐝
Aula is a remote-first 50-person education startup building a learning experience platform.

Our mission is to make engaging teaching and learning the norm.

We work with institutions like Coventry University and Glasgow University.

Think of Aula as the heart of a university's digital campus: a shared space that brings together students, staff, and educators.


The short version ⏳
Mission: Create pedagogy-first social, active and applied hybrid learning experiences to be delivered on cutting-edge digital platform for Higher Ed, Aula. Work directly with academics at one of UK's most innovative universities to bring their courses to life on our fully-remote, active and social learning platform.

Who: Learning designer. Experienced in education. Understands the needs of academics. Experience with digital design and delivery (no coding required). Learning experience design. Experience managing a small team ideal.


The Project: Work with a newly improved, global team on unprecedented transformations
- and build an operating model for a pedagogical transformation of entire universities.

COVID-19 is forcing universities to deliver subpar learning experiences for millions of students. This project is created to change that.

We will build a transformative pedagogy-first, scalable digital learning operating model to be rolled out across universities.

What we will deliver
End to end design and delivery of over thousands of modules on the Aula platform.

How we will deliver it
Step 1: Apply Aula's design principles to transform currently 'in the flesh' higher-ed courses into fully-remote active and social learning experiences.
Step 2: Work with educators to bring groundbreaking designs to life on the Aula platform.
In the process: rethink how digital transformation happens, enabling universities to move rapidly and meaningfully to digital.

Job Function
Instructional Designer
Higher Education