10 Best Learning Apps For Kids In 2018

10 Best Learning Apps For Kids In 2018
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Summary: Education has changed and evolved over the years. New systems are being introduced to make the learning process lucid as well as interesting.

Learning Apps For Kids In 2018 That Need Your Most Attention

With the advent of digital technology and the invention of top educational apps, learning has been taken to a new level altogether. These apps have played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between kids and their teachers as well as between kids and their parents. The smart kid of today learns quickly from the apps and shows considerable progress as well.

Below is a list of the best educational apps for kids:

1. Duolingo

Learning a foreign language is not as simple as it seems. However, with the Duolingo app, your child can learn languages like Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Irish, Italian and also English. This app is a great option for your kid to learn a foreign language. You can download the app for free and use the same app each time for any language you wish to learn. There are no hidden fees in the app but there are optional in-app purchases. Learning from the particular app is really fun for the kids.

2. ClassDojo

When you are looking for ‘virtual classroom learning apps’ for your kids, there is no better app than ClassDojo. Parents, teachers, and students can communicate and interact with one another via this app. For educational needs, children can communicate with their teachers. Parents also can remain updated on the status of their children’s education. The education of the child is of prime importance here. The classroom experience is enriched without affecting the experience itself.

3. Science 360

Created by the National Science Foundation, the app runs exclusively on tablets. The app contains engineering news, images, advanced science news, and videos – all ideal for children. The content is authentic and updated every week. Moreover, it is of very high quality. While some of the content is gathered from universities and scientists from across the world, some of it is also exclusively produced by the National Science Foundation. The 360-degree view helps kids explore the images better, too.

4. Quick Maths

Mathematics is a subject, which generally scares children. But if learning Maths is turned into a fun activity, the fear disappears, and love for the subject emanates. Kids become familiar with numbers by using the app. General math skills are also better for students between grades 2 and 6 via the app. This app helps in self-improvement of the child’s mathematical skills. They can also tackle the challenges of numbers excellently and have clear mathematical concepts. Available on the App Store, Quick Maths is easy to download and install.

5. Amazon Kindle

Reading is a habit, which is practically becoming extinct today. But until and unless your child reads, they won’t learn. Enhance your child’s reading skills with Amazon Kindle. The eReader platform can easily be downloaded to your mobile. You will find hundreds of kid-friendly books in the store, which are free to download. If your child loves reading and is a budding reader, this app will help them greatly in enhancing their reading skills.

6. PBS Kids Video

The educational content of PBS is well known across the world. The content of PBS is available on the Android platform via PBS Kids Video. All the videos are educational in some way or other, and parents shouldn’t object to these in any manner. One of the free educational apps for kids, everything is represented via cartoons and kids just love seeing them. There is also an educational goal tracker which helps in tracking the learning of the kid. It's completely free of charge, and undoubtedly, it is a great learning app for the little one.

7. DragonBox

Teaching the fundamentals in Maths is no easy task, though this educational game app is full of fun activities to help kids with that. There are 5 learning apps for Mathematics in total – including those of geometry and algebra. This app is popular because it helps kids to learn Math concepts in the simplest manner and in the most interesting ways. The concepts they learn remain permanently in their minds lifelong. Up-front payment is needed for all 5 games in the app, but there are no in-app purchase charges.

8. Spelling Stage

Spelling can be difficult for many kids. Spelling the words correctly might be an arduous task for many kids. However, with the Spelling Stage app, kids will develop the interest of practicing spellings on their own. There is a paid subscription to the app, and it offers a wide range of spellings and words as per different age groups. The app is of great use for preschoolers as well as for adults alike.

9. YouTube Kids

As it is evident from the name, YouTube Kids is exclusively made for kids, offering entertaining and educational videos for enhancing and inspiring young minds. Kids can watch their favorite shows on the app anytime they want to. The app is kid-oriented and simple to handle. Free to use, kids can explore their imagination through the app in various ways. Family-friendly videos are also available.

10. Flow Free

Puzzle games seem to be fascinating for the young and the old alike. These games help in increasing the mental agility and strength of individuals. In this app, there are 2,000 puzzle games, which are all available for free. If you want to go for expansion packs, there is an 'additional purchase' option as well.

I hope you liked my list of apps. If you have any queries you can contact me!