How Machine Learning Has Revamped Mobile App Development

How Machine Learning Has Revamped Mobile App Development
Summary: In this article, we will talk about what Machine Learning technology has integrated with to change the whole state of mobile app development. But first, let’s talk more about Machine Learning.

Mobile App Development With Machine Learning: A Whole New State

The technology has advanced so much that there are now applications that use Artificial Intelligence to improve their efficiency without being depended upon any manual program. One such application is Machine Learning, which focuses on creating computer programs that will help by accessing the data and dealing with any issues.

Machine Learning is rapidly gaining power amongst mobile app companies by helping them use AI as a part of their app. Machine Learning technology has certainly changed the whole scenario and refurbished the mobile app development.

In this article, we will talk about how the integration of Machine Learning technology can change the whole situation in the development industry. So, let's start with an introduction to Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

The term Machine Learning was coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959, and it defines the computer science that enables the computers to monitor the performance and status of a system through data collection and come up with ways to solve it without running any program.

Some Important Machine Learning Terminology

Artificial Intelligence

A program that makes the computer work as a human and performs tasks like speech, decision making etc. which is not normal for a computer.

A Neural Network

The interconnection between various nodes or networks where the output of one neural works as the input for the next neural.

Deep Learning

it is the way a neuron works to understand the problems in a programme.

Benefits Of Machine Learning

1. Customization

ML helps the mobile app company identifying users and dividing them on the basis of their needs. This helps them work out an app that will certainly look and work best. It answers questions like: Who is the target audience, and what are their needs, and how much can they pay?
It also lets them know how to interact with consumers and resolves any problems.

2. Smart And Filtered Search

This technology helps the consumers to search anything easily in an app by optimizing the search results according to specific subjects like FAQs, blogs and many more.

3. Recommendations

ML tech is the reason behind app owners knowing about our preferences. They know this by monitoring our details and purchase patterns, which helps the mobile apps to recommend us things that we require or want.

How ML Is Refurbishing The Mobile App Development Process?

Machine Learning is extensively used in mobile apps that are close to reality. This is done in three ways:

  • Using ML as a part of artificial language
  • Using it to process large data for predicting something
  • Using it for providing extra security and filtration for mobile app users

Now that we know how ML works with apps, let’s look at some Machine Learning technology that will be quite beneficial for us in the current year and in the future:

1. Amazon Machine Learning

  • The e-commerce giant uses ML to help their developers learn the use and benefit of ML technology.
  • It has a visualization toolkit that makes it easy for you to make an ML model without using a tough algorithm.
  • It also gives strong security and flexibility to make your Machine Learning model.

2. Azure ML studio

  • API is quite famous in the market, thus Microsoft’s Azure lets the user create and train models and turn them into APIs for the consumers use.

3. Caffe

It lets the user:

  • Deep learn so that your Machine Learning is optimal.
  • Develop meaningful models that are optimized by using its superior speed, modularity, and expression.
  • Define the configuration with simple coding.
  • Switch within CPU and GPU.

4. Apache Singha

  • This is the deep learning platform that dealing with powerful models and large databases. It has a built-in layer that provides a user with the best of the experience.
  • It uses RNN and CNN to support deep learning, and its programming is based on intuitive design to be a model based abstraction.

5. H2O

  • H2O use is widespread in small and big businesses to figure out the solutions to the most challenging business problems.
  • It has numerous counting features which are exclusive to this technology only. This lets you use the existing language while expanding the platform.

6. ML Lib

  • A powerful apache sparks tool that provides lavishly to the Machine Learning library. The aim of this technology is to make practical ML scalable.
  • It has common algorithms and utilities to provide maximum satisfaction.

7. ML Pack

  • This is based on C++ Machine Learning library and is designed for scalability, ease in functioning and speed.
  • It has C++ and high-level algorithms that help to solve large-scale Machine Learning problems by integrating with them.

8. Tensor Flow

  • This ML framework is open-sourced and was released in the year 2015.
  • Its aim is to deliver easy deployment across various platforms.
  • Available in Java, Python, and JavaScript; it is famous and progressive.

9. Scikit

  • Written in Python; it is an open source library whose features help to create a successful model that has classification, regression, and reduction (dimension wise).

10. Theano

  • It is a python-based framework too that gives mobile app development companies enough freedom to explore various ML models with ease.
  • It is the oldest framework which simplifies the process of defining and optimizing and expressing.

These were some of the machine learning technologies that will surely change mobile app development scenario.

List Οf ML Αpps

  1. Siri
  2. Google Search
  3. Facebook
  4. Netflix
  5. Uber
  6. Google Maps
  7. Gmail
  8. Lyst
  9. Paypal
  10. Uber Health/eats

Machine Learning is the future of apps that a mobile app development company cannot refuse. It not only customizes the apps according to users need but also makes it more efficient, effective, fast and secure. Thus, more and more app developing firms are leaning towards Machine Learning technology to boost the sales and growth of their firms and provide users with the best experience.