Major Advantages And Disadvantages Of eLearning For Companies

Major Advantages And Disadvantages of eLearning For Companies
Summary: Training is an investment that every company has to make when it wants to grow. There are certain pros and cons of eLearning that a company should know about when planning such a training program.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of eLearning

eLearning is the popular name for a broad range of web and computer technology-driven teaching methods using equipment such as computers or tablets. The aim of the present article is to provide a detailed analysis of the major factors contributing to the success and failure of eLearning in today’s competitive world.

eLearning is just a form of electronic education that delivers instruction through the internet as opposed to a traditional classroom. Even if learning occurs through online activities, like reading books or viewing instructional videos, people still need to complete quizzes and assignments to demonstrate their understanding.

It enhances training value as well as saving time and cost. Indeed, many companies take the eLearning approach to do their trainings. It is undeniable, though, that eLearning also has its own disadvantages, if people do not fully understand them. Here are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of eLearning:

Advantages Of eLearning

1. Worldwide Accessibility

eLearning is simple to use. All you require is a smartphone, desktop, tablet, or another device with a good internet connection to access the common platform. Virtual classroom students can access the teaching materials, different training modules, and even take exams once they log in to their personal space. You may complete training modules from anywhere!

2. Affordable

In-person training is often more costly than digital training. Students have access to their online classes from anywhere, including their homes and workplaces. They won't have to travel, thus there will be less expenditure (no train or bus tickets, or petrol to pay for). A device with a webcam and a notepad or other digital instrument for taking notes are typically all that is needed to follow the courses. But keep in mind that it depends on the MOOC you choose and its curriculum.

3. Time-Saving

Professional training online can save companies a great deal of time, especially when it is done asynchronously. This situation allows employees to start training as soon as they register and to proceed at their own pace. Then, they can move at their own pace. Companies can quickly respond to internal training needs thanks to eLearning programs, without having to arrange for the learners’ physical access to training.

4. Better Interaction

Each online certification course offers a comprehensive set of practical communication and teamwork tools. These resources are crucial for improving knowledge and developing a strong, collaborative workforce, which can boost engagement and create a pleasant learning environment.

Disadvantages Of eLearning

1. Instructional Methods Are Not Always Modified

Online courses sometimes have disadvantages, depending on the subject. Certain training topics (like leadership) require face-to-face instruction. Using a blended learning strategy might be a good idea in this situation. Blended learning involves delivering instruction partially in person and partly online.

2. Insufficient Personalization In eLearning

In some cases, eLearning is too general. Making sure an eLearning course is appropriate for the needs of the employees requires careful selection. It is necessary to review the lesson plan and teaching strategies thoroughly to accomplish this.

3. Technical Problems

Another key challenge for web-based learning is internet connectivity. Despite a sharp rise in internet usage over the past several years, it can be challenging to get a dependable connection with sufficient speed in smaller cities and villages. If a manager or employee doesn't have a dependable internet connection, eLearning may not be possible, as this will harm the educational process.

4. Unable To Concentrate On Screens

One of the major difficulties of online learning for many employees is the inability to focus for extended periods of time. Additionally, there is a higher likelihood that online learning will cause pupils to get easily sidetracked by digital platforms or other websites.


So, what makes eLearning so great? It allows companies to reduce the amount of time employees are spending at a desk, having to listen to their boss drone on about the same old thing. Instead, employers can let employees choose their own topics of study. They can also update the material regularly to make sure that they keep their employees up to date with all the latest information they need.