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As a professional analyst focused on modeling business and system processes and data, David has more than 25 years experience in facilitating, managing, mentoring, and training others to execute state-of-the-art modeling methodologies to leverage improvements in diverse industries including service, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. He utilizes visual modeling techniques to illustrate business processes and data so that key players understand detailed-level questions appropriate for business process flow and for later IT implementation. He encourages outside-the-box analysis to promote internal improvement. David utilizes his expertise to educate project participants in the complex, but essential techniques to properly scope, detail, and control improvement solutions. David has been a key collaborator in the development of the methodology, tool capability, and subsequent education for ProVision, a business process modeling software tool. He is the author of training programs for ProVision’s Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Discrete Event Simulation.
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