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It's about competency, nothing else. Whether the subject matter is the Punic Wars or forklift, competency must be defined with exacting precision, it must be achieved with maximum efficiency, and it must be measured with the highest standards of accuracy. It is my goal to provide not only the highest ROI training can provide but to establish competency assurance that protects both the employee and the company by eliminating lack of competence as a causal factor in accidents and incidents while ensuring the highest possible productivity. This may be established, blended, or the latest technology but it must be the most effective and efficient for each and every objective. The latest project is UDRS, the Unified Data Reporting Subsystem. I've designed an engine that is a building block towards my Comprehensive Unified Training Plan. UDRS is conceptually simple, but ties together functions enterprise wide in a synergy that will save lives, money, and significantly improve competitive advantage. Like a prime mover, i.e., a diesel or other engine not connected to anything, UDRS will be a "prime mover" in the sense that it may be used as an adjunct to other existing systems in the company, like a CMMS or HRIS, individually or simultaneously to achieve our needs. Or, it can serve as the foundation for a completely new application. Very flexible. Within my department, it's going to serve as the core of a new LMS system that will represent a paradigm shift. My experience encompasses the US military, the US Postal Service, a variety of business and industry, drilling and production offshore from the South China Sea to the Gulf of Mexico, and domestic drilling all over the US. All of it was and remains about COMPETENCY
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