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June 30, 2016

Changing Behavioral Patterns Through Education

Behavioral patterns are useful in everyday lives, but changing them is hard. Let's look at the stages a person passes through when his behavior model changes. This will help to understand the students’ psychology and plan the syllabus in order to reinforce new behavioral patterns in their minds.
April 15, 2016

Knowledge Centered Support Methodology Part 2: Implementation

Before we begin talking about the adapting and implementing Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), let us consider one of the key concept the methodology deals with. Namely, what is “Knowledge”? We do not think twice before uttering the word in professional communication, but chances are, being asked to define it will give you pause.
March 30, 2016

Using Virtual Reality In Education

The beginning of the Sixties, besides the Cuban Crisis and the rise of the hippie movement, is notable for giving birth to Sensorama, one of the earliest prototypes of the modern virtual reality equipment. It allowed for viewing stereoscopic 3D images accompanied by stereo sound, smells, as well as wind effect. The device was revolutionary for its time, and it spearheaded the development of what Jaron Zepel Lanier dubbed in 1989 as “Virtual Reality” (VR). Having obtained a catchy name, the new technology has been gathering new adherents ever since.
March 18, 2016

Knowledge Centered Support Methodology: Getting Started

When an eLearning professional encounters the word “methodology”, they are likely to think of ADDIE, or maybe SAM. However, today you’re in for a surprise, for I’m not talking about a course authoring methodology. Instead, I’d like to tell you about a knowledge management methodology called KCS, which stands for “Knowledge Centered Support”.
November 5, 2015

Evaluating Training Effectiveness And ROI

The price of training and all accompanying activities concerns all managers, and, in fact, should concern the Instructional Designers as well. What reason is there to conduct further trainings if the benefits of the ones already conducted have not been assessed? How to convince one’s manager that it is worthwhile (and profitable) to continue the training program and expand it to include other departments if you have no data to profit cost ratio to back you up? How, then, does one calculate training effectiveness?
September 11, 2015

Getting To Know ADDIE: Part 4 - Implementation

The fourth stage of the ADDIE model is Implementation. The beginning of implementation marks the first time the target audience interacts with your course in earnest, the moment of truth, in which the knowledge contained in the course’s materials is absorbed by the learners.
September 3, 2015

Getting To Know ADDIE: Part 3 - Development

The development’s stage involves having the format and the plan of the course approved by the higher-ups/clients and getting the Instructional Designers engaged with it. The Instructional Designers will be using content authoring tools to bring the concepts and ideas laid out in the course plan to life. This is where the storyboards, sketches, and detailed descriptions of various course elements you created during the Design stage will come in handy.