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Urvi Bhagi works as an e-learning consultant with AssignmentHelpNet, an e-tutoring website for students all over the world. After completing a masters degree in Economics, Urvi worked with the e-learning division of Augment Systems Pvt Ltd on projects of education technology and e-learning. Urvi is also a supporter of STEM e-learning for kids, especially for girls worldwide.
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July 15, 2015

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Blended Learning

With schools jumping on to blended learning classrooms and BYOD teaching culture, parents of millennial students are finding it challenging to adapt to the changing contours of education. Most parents are confused about how to react towards using technology for teaching, especially because this learning model and schooling process bear no resemblance to their own school experience. If you are a parent of a kid who is studying in a "blended classroom" that uses "education technology tools", sit back and read our article on becoming a successful parent of a digitally-immersed student.