Microlearning For Better Learning Impact: Real-World Examples And Benefits Of Bite-Sized Solutions

Microlearning For Better Learning Impact
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Summary: Microlearning is here to stay. For any organization wishing to implement digital learning and instill in their workforce a more agile mindset, microlearning is a must-have in their arsenal of learning interventions. Below, we will look at how microlearning strategies can be applied for better learning.

Optimize Learning Impact Through Microlearning

Over the last few years, microlearning solutions or intervention has become a go-to strategy for anyone looking to create a great learning environment or ecosystem within their organization. Even as recently as a decade ago, microlearning solutions were looked upon as a supporting mechanism or a standalone piece of content wrapped as a video or a quick reference on a subject. Now, microlearning is almost everywhere; it is used before, during, and after formal training. It is used to excite the learners to take learning seriously. It is used as part of a series of microlearning courses that can lead to mastery of a subject. Microlearning solutions are now looked at as a viable way to create better learning journeys.

Microlearning As Part Of The Hybrid Learning Journey

Today, with a hybrid workforce, learning cannot be of one type only, meaning only classroom or digital. It has to be a combination of various strategies, including digital, classroom, and microlearning strategies. Hybrid learning has become an essential part of the learning ecosystem.

In hybrid learning, there are multiple modalities of learning, such as virtual instructor-led sessions, followed by some digital learning, pre-reading materials, games, online activities, and assessments. When creating a long program that includes multiple topics, it is essential that learners be given the best support they need to succeed.

Learners are employees who have many tasks to perform and are more interested in their work rather than spending time in training sessions. There is also the factor of the forgetting curve and fatigue that sets in. This is where microlearning solutions can play a crucial role in helping learners learn better.

When creating a learning journey, you can use microlearning solutions as a precursor to classroom training or virtual training. Then, within the training, you can use it as a learning intervention. It can also be used post-training as reinforcement of the key learnings.

Microlearning solutions can be used to create a better impact on the learners. Microlearning is a great way to create an action-oriented or task-oriented approach of offering bite-sized learning that gets learners to learn and practice the key concepts. Reinforcement subtly encourages learners to apply the concepts in their day-to-day tasks.

Benefits Of Microlearning Solutions Or Strategies

The following are the benefits of employing microlearning strategies:

  • It helps employees undertake training irrespective of the location and is not constrained by time and availability of trainers.
  • It delivers synchronous lessons using various conferencing tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.
  • It helps maximize learners' learning time.
  • It leads to better collaboration and creates an environment for social learning.
  • Learners can interact with the content in meaningful ways.

Example Of Microlearning For Better Learning Impact

A hospitality organization was looking to create a series of learning interventions for their housekeeping staff on the best practices as well as standard operating procedures (SOPs) for housekeeping or maintenance of the resort. Apart from the regular classroom sessions, we suggested the use of microlearning solutions to create a better impact on the learners. These microlearning nuggets were on various concepts, such as timely upkeep of the rooms, preparing a bed, and several such procedures that they need to undertake at a daily level. The microlearning interventions not only acted as teaching material but also as reinforcement of key concepts that they needed to master. The microlearning solution was designed with a maximum duration of ten minutes. The microlearning modules had visually appealing images as well as minimal text. They were audio-driven and easily understandable to the staff that worked in the resort. The learners were able to understand the various procedures, and there was better performance on the job.


To conclude, microlearning is a great way to influence your employees' learning habits. Better learning leads to better performance, and that is key for any learning intervention. Microlearning is quick and easy to use and digest.

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